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EconomyMexico: Drought will affect 89.5% of the country's territory

Mexico: Drought will affect 89.5% of the country’s territory

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The area of Mexico affected by drought is expected to increase from “85.58% to 89.58% due to the lack of rain,” reports Excélsior.

The National Weather Service report attributed this to the prolonged third heat wave that affected Mexico from May 20 to June 4.

According to the latest “risk atlas” for Chile, cited by Francisco Fernando, professor of geology at Andres Bello University, in an interview with BioBioChile, severe droughts may increase in Chile due to climate change, especially from Coquimbo, in the center of country, to Araucania, in the south.

In other Latin American news, the Financial Times published a new story headlined: “Floods present Brazilians with grim choice – rebuild or leave?”

The article says many places are “assessing their future after the climate disaster” recently hit the “agricultural hub” of Rio Grande do Sul.

Meanwhile, El Espectador reports that Colombia’s congress has until June 20 to pass a bill to create a livestock tracking system in the country.

The newspaper noted that the Liberal Party initiative aims to get companies and the government to control the raising, transport and slaughter of livestock “to ensure that its origins do not fuel deforestation”.

Finally, Peru’s transport minister has allowed more than 3,600 vehicles, including “vans and old buses,” to continue plying the streets of Lima, El Comercio reports.

According to an analysis by the newspaper, the move could lead to the release of nearly 95,000 tonnes of CO2, which is “equivalent to the deforestation of 475 hectares of rainforest”.

Illustration: Reporte de Excélsior – página 1 (11-4-1919).

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