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Friday, June 2, 2023
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Japan will extract electricity from the Sun

The technology will be tested in 2025. Japan is preparing technology that will allow it to "harvest" electricity from the Sun and send it to...

Super-intelligent mushroom that can replace plastic

In the search for fascinating alternatives to plastic, researchers in Finland may have just found a winner – and it's already growing on the...

Global warming will push billions of people out of ‘human climate niche’

New research shows that billions of people could be forced out of the "human climate niche" as the planet warms.

The former Ataturk Airport has opened its doors as Turkey’s largest public park

The former "Ataturk" airport in Istanbul has opened its doors to visitors as the largest public park in the country, reported "Daily Sabah". The new...

World Bee Day

On May 20, the world celebrates International Bee Day. The day has been celebrated since 2018 on the initiative of the Slovenian Association of...

One of the world’s oldest lions has been killed near a national park in Kenya

19-year-old Luunkiito attacked cattle and was speared by herders A wild male lion, considered one of the oldest representatives of its species in the world,...
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