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Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Scientist: We have indisputable evidence of the first objects found from another star system

It is not yet known whether they are of natural or artificial origin Harvard professor Avi Loeb announced that he has completed his analysis of small spherical fragments of the space body IM1. The object...

The European Court of Human Rights: Bulgaria to recognize same-sex families

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) obliged Bulgaria to create a legal framework to recognize same-sex relationships. The decision was made in the case of Koilova and Babulkova against Bulgaria, informed lawyer Denitsa...

The Fulani and Jihadism in West Africa (II)

By Teodor Detchev The previous part of this analysis, entitled "Sahel - Conflicts, Coups and Migration Bombs", addressed the issue of the rise of terrorist activity in West Africa and the inability to end the...

Bulgaria expelled a senior cleric and other priests from the Russian Church in Sofia

The Bulgarian authorities expelled the head of the Russian Church in the country - Vasian Zmeev. This was reported to TASS by the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria. "Bulgarian authorities consider Father Vasian to be a...

France will not ban cars with Russian license plates

France has no intention of announcing a restriction on cars with Russian registration, TASS reported. There is currently no change in French law. This was done by the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. They were...

Sahel – conflicts, coups and migration bombs (I)

The new cycle of violence in the Sahel countries can be link to the participation of the Tuareg armed militias, who are fighting for an independent state

Moscow Patriarch Cyril: Russia still has a lot of work to do, I’m not afraid to say it – on a global scale

On September 12, to the ringing of bells, the Russian Patriarch Cyril, in the presence of members of the government of St. Petersburg and "participants of the special military operation", carried with lithium the...

The Russian Archimandrite Vasian (Zmeev) banned from entering North Macedonia?

The chairman of the Russian church in Sofia, Archimandrite Vasian (Zmeev), has been banned from entering North Macedonia, several Macedonian publications report. The publications refer to sources from the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs,...

A famous archaeologist with sensational news: We are about to discover the common grave of Cleopatra and Mark Antony

Archaeologists have announced that they are very close to discovering the place where the last ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra, and her lover, the Roman general Mark Antony, were buried, in all probability together. Scientists believe...

The EU has banned Russians from coming in private cars

The European Commission has confirmed that entry into EU countries with cars registered in Russia is prohibited. Personal belongings of Russians crossing the border, such as smartphones, jewelry and laptops, are also at risk...

EC ends monitoring for Bulgaria and Romania

The Commission introduced the reports from 2007 and first prepared assessments and recommendations every six months and later annually The European Commission announced on September 15 that it is terminating the cooperation and verification mechanism...

Morocco and Libya: UN scales up support for disaster relief

Morocco and Libya, two very different catastrophes united by the “unimaginable trauma” of bereaved families, are mobilizing the UN’s relief efforts

Libya – Floods of ‘epic proportions’ leave thousands dead

UN agencies and partners are responding to the disaster unfolding in eastern Libya after devastating flooding and loss of life over the weekend

Unemployment Rates Maintain Consistency Staying Below 5% for the Consecutive Month

In a remarkable demonstration of economic resilience, the unemployment rate among countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) remained steady at 4.8% in July 2023. This marks the month in a...

China – No More iPhones for Government Officials

China has issued a directive instructing government officials at central government agencies to refrain from using Apple iPhones and other devices with foreign brands for official purposes or bringing them into the office. This news...

Syria – UN completes 200th cross-border aid mission since February quakes

The United Nations announced that it has conducted 200 cross-border aid missions into northwest Syria from Türkiye since the February earthquakes

Mozart has a pain-relieving effect on newborns, a study has proven

Mozart's music has a calming effect on babies. It can ease pain during minor medical procedures, according to a first-of-its-kind study from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Before having their blood drawn by a doctor...

Lithuania Stuns the Basketball World: Three Generations, Three Wins Over USA

Manila, Philippines. A crowd of 11,349 fans witnessed an incredible moment at the Mall of Asia Arena as Lithuania achieved a stunning victory over the United States with a final score of 110-104. This...

Odesa Transfiguration Cathedral, international uproar about Putin’s missile strike (II)

Bitter Winter (09.01.2023) - 23 July 2023 was a Black Sunday for the city of Odesa and for Ukraine. When Ukrainians and the rest of the world woke up, they discovered with horror and anger...

Mexico: Rights experts ‘outraged’ over attacks on women activists

The Government of Mexico is called upon to investigate and prosecute those who attack and kill women activists searching for their missing relatives.

Gabon coup, Army cancels elections and seizes power

There's some news coming from Gabon, as reported in an article for the BBC by George Wright & Kathryn Armstrong. A group of soldiers has just made an appearance on national television claiming that...

FIBA and Global Suppliers Partner to Launch New LED Backstop

FIBA, the organization governing basketball has joined forces with two of its global suppliers, Schelde Sports and Unilumin Sports to unveil an innovative LED backstop. The Super SAM 325 PRO LED marks a milestone...

OECD, What is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development?

Ever wondered what the OECD is and why it matters? Learn about this influential organization that shapes global economics and policymaking.

The best rooftop bars in Europe

Spanish bars occupy three of the top ten places! Nothing recreates the holiday feeling like heading to a lovely bar to enjoy a drink after leaving your luggage at the hotel. Whether it's an Aperol...

The Kia brand wants to flee Russia for Kazakhstan

Hyundai is also losing hope and considering selling its plant in St. Petersburg, according to Moscow media
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