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Thursday, September 28, 2023
A comprehensive solution to the Syrian conflict remains elusive, the UN Special Envoy for the country said on Wednesday, calling for “concrete moves” and confidence-building measures to break the...
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Europe’s most stressed-out country is revolutionizing mental healthcare

Discover the hidden reality of Greece's mental health crisis and its efforts to enhance services. Learn about the 5-year plan and challenges faced.

Consumer credits: why updated EU rules are needed

MEPs have adopted new rules to protect consumers from credit card debt and overdrafts. Parliament approved new consumer credit rules in September 2023, following an agreement reached with...

Free movement: Schengen reform to ensure border controls only as a last resort

The reform of border controls within the free movement Schengen area can only be reintroduced when absolutely necessary.

Reducing pollution in EU groundwater and surface waters

Parliament adopted its position on reducing groundwater and surface waters pollution and improving EU water quality standards.
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United Nations, Omar Harfouch accused Lebanon to be “an anti-Semitic, discriminatory, and racist country”

Geneva, 26 September 2023 - The United Nations Human Rights Council, in its 54th Regular Session held today, heard a riveting speech from Omar Harfouch, a renowned Lebanese pianist,...

Over 2000 homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses searched in 6 years in Russia

Discover the shocking reality faced by Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia. Over 2,000 homes searched, 400 jailed, and 730 believers charged. Read more.
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