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Belgium and Europe join forces to support plant health, biodiversity and the economy

A broad coalition of partners from across Europe have joined forces to launch the second year of the #PlantHealth4Life campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the deep links between plant health and our...

Italy at war with overtourism: Milan bans the sale of ice cream and pizza after midnight

After Venice introduced a visitation fee and the Cinque Terre made the area's tourist routes one-way, now another Italian city is entering the battle against overtourism. Finding the best ice cream while walking through...

Scientists gave mice water with the amount of microplastics estimated to be ingested by humans each week

In recent years, anxiety about the spread of microplastics has been growing. It is in the oceans, even in animals and plants, and in the bottled water we drink daily.

International Mother Earth Day 22 April

Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action. Nature is suffering. Oceans filling with plastic and turning more acidic.

Wearing jeans once does as much damage as driving 6 km in a car 

Wearing one pair of jeans once does as much damage as driving 6 km in a gasoline-powered passenger vehicle 

Over 200 million dogs and even more cats roam the streets of the world

A cat gives birth to up to 19 kittens a year, and a dog - up to 24 puppies. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 200 million dogs and even more cats roam...

Records smashed – new global report confirms 2023 hottest so far

A new global report published on Tuesday by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), a UN agency, shows that records have once again been broken.

Greece‘s new tourist “climate tax” replaces an existing fee

This was stated by the Greek Minister of Tourism, Olga Kefaloyani The tax to overcome the consequences of the climate crisis in tourism, which has been in force since the beginning of the year in...

Climate change is a threat to antiquities

A study in Greece shows how weather events affect cultural heritage Rising temperatures, prolonged heat and drought are affecting climate change worldwide. Now, the first study in Greece that examines the effect of climate change...

European Union and Sweden Discuss Ukraine Support, Defence, and Climate Change

President von der Leyen welcomed Swedish Prime Minister Kristersson in Brussels, emphasizing support for Ukraine, defense cooperation, and climate action.

A Breath of Fresh Air: EU’s Bold Move for Cleaner Skies

The European Union is paving the way for a cleaner future with a groundbreaking plan to improve air quality by 2030. Let's breathe easy together!

EU Sets Path for Climate Neutrality with Groundbreaking Carbon Removal Certification Scheme

In a significant step towards achieving climate neutrality by 2050, the European Commission has hailed the provisional agreement on the first EU-wide certification framework for carbon removals. This landmark decision, reached between the European...

EU Takes Strides Towards Cleaner Seas: Stricter Measures to Combat Shipping Pollution

In a bid to fortify maritime safety and environmental protection, European Union negotiators have clinched an informal agreement to impose stringent measures to combat pollution from ships in European seas. The deal, encompassing a...

Collaborative Efforts of Indigenous and Christian Communities Promote Conservation of Sacred Forests in India

In the heart of one of India’s ancient and most highly esteemed sacred forests, individuals from indigenous communities have joined forces with Christians

European Parliament Adopts Resolution Against Norway’s Deep-Sea Mining in the Arctic

Brussels. The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC), Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), Greenpeace, Seas at Risk (SAR), Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have expressed their appreciation for the...

EU’s Big Move for a Cleaner Future: €2 Billion for Green Energy

Exciting news from the European Union! They've recently invested a €2 billion in some fantastic projects to promote cleaner energy and make our planet greener. Can you believe it? €2 billion! It's like hitting...

Understanding Greenhouse Gases in Europe

Have you ever pondered why some days feel hotter than the ones your grandparents reminisce about?. Why weather patterns seem to be in disarray? Well the explanation may lie above us unseen but impactful;...

Austria gives free public transport cards to 18-year-olds

The Austrian government allocated 120 million euros in this year's budget for a free annual card for all types of transport in the country, and all 18-year-olds with a permanent address in the country...

What is tire pyrolysis and how does it affect health?

We introduce you to the term pyrolysis and how the process affects human health and nature. Tire pyrolysis is a process that uses high temperature and the absence of oxygen to break down tires into...

Pakistan uses artificial rain to combat smog

Artificial rain was used for the first time in Pakistan last Saturday in an attempt to combat dangerous levels of smog in the metropolis of Lahore.

33 pythons found on a train from Bulgaria to Turkey

Turkish customs officials found 33 pythons on a train traveling from Bulgaria to Turkey, Nova TV reported. The operation was at the Kapakule border crossing. The snakes were hidden under a passenger's bed. Two of the...

Coal use set to record in 2023

Global coal supply is expected to hit a record high in use in 2023 on the back of increased demand from now with emerging and developing economies. This is according to a report, published...

Whales and dolphins are highly threatened by warming oceans

The consequences of climate change are increasingly threatening whales and dolphins, says a new report cited by DPA. The non-governmental organization "Conservation of whales and dolphins" published the document on the occasion of the COP...

Concert at the European Parliament: Omar Harfouch plays his new composition for world peace

Event this Tuesday evening at the European Commission in Brussels. Omar Harfouch, who has been in the news in recent weeks following his acquisition of Entrevue magazine, has shown that he has several strings...

COP28 – The Amazon faces one of its most relentless droughts

Since late September, the Amazon faces one of its most relentless droughts in recorded history.
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