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EnvironmentOver 200 million dogs and even more cats roam the streets of...

Over 200 million dogs and even more cats roam the streets of the world

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A cat gives birth to up to 19 kittens a year, and a dog – up to 24 puppies.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 200 million dogs and even more cats roam the streets worldwide. This was announced by the Four Paws Foundation. On the occasion of World Homeless Animals Day, which is celebrated on April 4, the animal welfare organization recalls the need for a loving home for every cat and dog in the world. A cat can give birth to up to 19 kittens a year, and a dog can give birth to up to 24 puppies, adding to the overpopulation problem and their suffering.

“Every dog and cat deserves a loving home. Irresponsible owners are one of the main causes of the problem of stray animals. That’s why Four Paws works closely with communities to create a culture of adoption and supports shelters with expertise. When there are more stray animals than available homes, we work with communities to foster caring and supportive relationships with animals. Our therapy dogs are the best example to show that every stray animal deserves a second chance and can change our lives,” says Manuela Rawlings, Head of European Stray Animal Aid and Public Engagement at Four Paws “.

The foundation also trains homeless animals to be therapy dogs that help children with their learning and social skills, provide lonely people in nursing homes with gratuitous love and comfort, or facilitate the treatment of patients. With the “Animals Helping People” project, therapy dogs act as role models and can help change society’s attitudes towards homeless animals.

“Four paws” works actively in both Asia and Europe. Since 1999 – also in Eastern Europe, where the largest number of stray dogs in Europe has been registered. Together with local partners in Romania, Bulgaria and Kosovo, the foundation implements humane, sustainable and community-led dog and cat population management programs. Since then, more than 240,000 stray cats and dogs have been sterilized and vaccinated, the organization said.

Illustrative Photo by Snapwire: https://www.pexels.com/photo/orange-tabby-cat-beside-fawn-short-coated-puppy-46024/

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