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Why do dogs destroy things when they are alone

You come home after a long day at work and your dog greets you at the door – tail wagging and sloppy kisses. You...

Why does a dog spill its food while eating?

If you have noticed that while eating, your dog spills a large part of the contents of its bowl on the floor around it,...

Petting dogs boosts immunity

Scientists from the University of Virginia, USA, have found that petting dogs helps to increase immunity, reports the site of the educational institution. The authors...

Why the dog likes to sleep at your place?

It's a cool and breezy night outside, one where there's nothing more tempting than snuggling up in bed or on your couch. You make...

Is my dog drinking enough water?

Discover how much water your dog needs and how to encourage them to drink more. Learn the signs of dehydration and how to keep your pet hydrated.

Why is the dog staring at you?

Imagine the following picture. You stand and calmly watch TV. And your dog is meekly sitting next to you and ... looking only at...

Do canine siblings recognize each other?

In the human world, siblings often grow up under the same roof and share a special bond throughout their lives. But what about the...

Why do dogs jump up to meet us

You walk in the door after a long day at work and your loving Saint Bernard jumps up to give you a big, slobbery...
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