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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Historic Visit, European Sikh Organization Gains Support for Recognition within the European Union

In a groundbreaking event on December 6, history was made as a Sikh delegation, accompanied by members of the European Sikh Organization, was extended a warm welcome at the European Parliament. This significant development...

EU-China summit, 7 December 2023

The 24th EU-China summit took place in Beijing, China. This was the first in-person EU-China summit since 2019. President of the European Council, Charles Michel, and President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen,...

Council and Parliament reach deal on proposal to revise energy performance of buildings directive

The Council and the Parliament today reached provisional political agreement on a proposal to revise the energy performance of buildings directive.

Human Rigths Day, Do not forget the thousands of Ukrainian children kidnapped and deported by Russia

On UN Human Rights Day, 10 December, thousands of Ukrainian children kidnapped and deported by Russia, whose parents are desperately searching for a way to get them home should not be forgotten by the...

Mental health: member states to take action across multiple levels, sectors and ages

Almost one in two Europeans has known psychological problem in the last year hence the importance of addressing mental health and well-being

Children in Armed Conflicts, the UN and the EU

In 2022, a total of 2,496 children, some as young as 8-years-old, were verified by the United Nations as detained for their actual or alleged association with armed groups, including groups designated as terrorists...

MEPs want accurate labelling of breakfast

The revision aims for more accurate origin labelling to help consumers make an informed choice on a number of agri-food products.

Rights of Religious Minorities in Europe, a Delicate Balance says MEP Maxette Pirbakas

MEP Maxette Pirbakas, at the European Parliemant, emphasizes the importance of religious tolerance and freedom in Europe, highlighting the need for dialogue and respect for minority rights.

Spaces of Respect, Bridge-Builder Promotes Religious Minorities Dialogue at European Parliament

Lahcen Hammouch emphasizes the importance of a respectful space for religious minorities to express their beliefs transparently within a democratic framework.

Jewish Leader Condemns Religious Hate Crimes, Calls for Respect of Minority Faiths in Europe

Rabbi Avi Tawil passionately addressed a meeting at the European Parliament, highlighting the history of anti-Semitic hate crimes against Jewish children in Europe. He called for unity among religions to create an inclusive European society. Tawil emphasized the importance of defending rights for spiritual minorities to realize Europe's unifying promise.

Religious Freedom Under Fire: Media Complicity in the Persecution of Minority Faiths

In a speech at the European Parliament, Willy Fautré accuses European media of fostering religious intolerance and calls for ethical journalism standards in covering minority faiths. Find out more about the impact of sensationalism and biased labeling on religious groups in Europe.

EU Rule of Law Health Check-In by MEPs

Brussels - On Monday, members of the European Parliament will convene counterparts from EU member states to review rule of law safeguards across the bloc. The gathering occurs as concerns mount over democratic backsliding in...

EU Sanctions Enforcement Talks Stall, Draw Parliament Ire

Brussels - Negotiations between the European Parliament and EU member states on enhancing sanctions enforcement broke down Thursday evening without agreement. Parliament lawmakers expressed frustration, arguing quicker progress is needed to close loopholes aiding...

Pollution: deal with Council to reduce industrial emissions

The new rules will reduce air, water and soil pollution, and steer large agro-industrial installations in the green transition.

United Against Discrimination, Scientologist Calls Out Germany at European Parliament

Speaking passionately last week at the European Parliament, Ivan Arjona, Scientology's representative to European institutions, condemned worsening religious discrimination targeting his faith community specifically in Germany. He spoke at a conference bringing together Protestant,...

The European Union and the Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict: Between Mediations and Obstacles

The establishment of territorial sovereignty for each State in the world is a necessity, it is in this regard that Azerbaijan, by regaining control of Nagorno-Karabakh in September after a lightning offensive, can argue...

Music streaming platforms: MEPs ask to protect EU authors and diversity

The Culture Committee called for EU rules to ensure a fair and sustainable environment for music streaming and to promote cultural diversity.

European health data: better portability and safe sharing

The creation of a European health data space to boost the portability of personal health data was adopted by the environment and civil liberties committees.

Mobile machinery circulating on public roads needs to meet road safety standards, MEPs agree

The Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection has approved the Parliament's draft negotiating position on road safety for mobile working equipment. Find out more about the proposed new rules and their potential impact on the EU market.

MEPs endorse updated Advance Passenger Information laws

New laws to make data collection of air passengers mandatory and harmonised. MEPs want to see proportional data collection in line with EU court rulings. Uniform rules on Advance Passenger Information collection aim to boost the...

The European Parliament has rejected a Commission proposal on pesticide reduction

he European Parliament has outright rejected a proposal on the EU’s pesticide reduction plan

EU cybersecurity exercise: foster cooperation, secure free and fair EU elections

National and European partners tested their crisis plans and possible responses to potential EU cybersecurity incidents affecting the elections.

Parliament backs new rules to reduce air pollution from trucks and buses | News

On Tuesday, Parliament adopted its negotiating position with 445 votes in favour, 152 against and 30 abstentions. MEPs want strong CO2 emissions reduction targets for medium and heavy trucks, including vocational vehicles (such as...

Kenya’s President: EU and Africa must address climate change and migration | News

During a formal sitting in Strasbourg, President Ruto demanded new forms of cooperation between the EU and Africa based on mutually beneficial strategies. “Europe has been an ally and partner to Africa for...

COP28: MEPs want to end all subsidies for fossil fuel globally by 2025

With 462 votes in favour, 134 against and 30 abstentions, MEPs signal their recommendations for the EU's strategic objectives ahead of the UN COP28 Climate Change Conference, marking the first Global Stocktake under the...
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