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North Macedonia already exports nearly 4 times more wine than Bulgaria

Years ago, Bulgaria was one of the biggest producers of wine in the world, but now it has been losing its position for almost...

For the first time in Europe: simultaneously 3 planes can take off from Istanbul Airport

An American magazine honored Istanbul Airport with 5 awards in December 2023. The airport has connections to 315 destinations, making it the best airport in...

Coal use set to record in 2023

Global coal supply is expected to hit a record high in use in 2023 on the back of increased demand from now with emerging...

Turkey introduces non-alcoholic all inclusive in some hotels

The head of the Mediterranean Association of Hoteliers and Tour Operators (AKTOB) Kaan Cavaloglu motivated the need for this initiative with the rising costs...

The Fulani, Neopastoralism and Jihadism in Nigeria

The relationship between Fulani, corruption and neo-pastoralism, i.e. the purchase of large herds of cattle by wealthy city dwellers to hide ill-gotten money.

OECD Survey – EU needs a deeper Single Market and to accelerate emissions reduction to growth

The latest OECD survey looks at how European economies are reacting to the negative external shocks as well as the challenges facing Europe moving forward.

Zakharova addressing Bulgaria: You will sell your nuclear reactors to people who have turned to terrorist activities

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the USA aims to indirectly damage the EU's economy. The spokesperson highlights the Ukraine conflict and US influence.

Global appetite for solar panels exacerbates silver shortage

Opportunities to increase extraction are limited Technological changes in the production of solar panels are boosting demand for silver, a phenomenon that is deepening a...

Influencers in France face jail under new laws

Influencers in France can now be jailed if found to have broken new promotion rules after a law was officially passed, CNN reported. The...

Japan will extract electricity from the Sun

The technology will be tested in 2025. Japan is preparing technology that will allow it to "harvest" electricity from the Sun and send it to...
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