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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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“Quiet Asphalt” will reduce the noise on the roads in Istanbul by 10 decibels

Reduces noise caused by friction between the wheels and the road surface.

“Quiet Asphalt” will reduce the noise level on the roads in Istanbul by ten decibels. The project aims to deal with the deepening problem of noise pollution in the metropolis, reported in “Hurriet Daily News”.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, there are a total of 4,940,010 registered vehicles in Istanbul, which is equal to the total population of 23 (out of a total of 81) counties of the country. This influx of vehicles not only increases concerns about air pollution and congestion, but also exacerbates the problem of noise pollution, the publication noted.

To combat this problem, İSFALT, a subsidiary of Istanbul Greater Municipality, is implementing the Quiet Asphalt Project to reduce traffic noise, especially in areas located in close proximity to residential areas.

Quiet asphalt, which is produced to reduce the noise caused by the friction between the wheels and the road surface, can significantly eliminate the noise generated on the roads. The air spaces in this special asphalt mixture, produced with resin-based additives, contribute to the quieter movement of cars.

Through tests, it was found that the level of noise emitted by vehicles on specially designed roads covered with quiet asphalt is reduced by 10 decibels compared to driving on ordinary roads.

Across Europe, at least 100 million people are exposed to damaging levels of noise just from road traffic. Exposure to unwanted noise can cause stress and interfere with sleep, rest and study. Moreover, prolonged exposure can also trigger serious illness such as hypertension and heart disease.

Photo by Burak Karaduman: https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-concrete-dome-building-at-night-1549326/

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