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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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A 500-year-old hammam harkens back to Istanbul’s ancient past

Closed to the public for more than a decade, the stunning Zeyrek Çinili Hamam once again reveals its wonders to the world. Located in Istanbul's...

“Quiet Asphalt” will reduce the noise on the roads in Istanbul by 10 decibels

Reduces noise caused by friction between the wheels and the road surface. "Quiet Asphalt" will reduce the noise level on the roads in Istanbul by...

The former Ataturk Airport has opened its doors as Turkey’s largest public park

The former "Ataturk" airport in Istanbul has opened its doors to visitors as the largest public park in the country, reported "Daily Sabah". The new...

A three-story tunnel under the Bosphorus will connect Europe and Asia in 2028

A third tunnel connecting the European and Asian parts of Istanbul, officially named the "Great Istanbul Tunnel" by the government, will be put into...
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