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Monday, December 11, 2023
EconomyThe former Ataturk Airport has opened its doors as Turkey's largest public...

The former Ataturk Airport has opened its doors as Turkey’s largest public park

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The former “Ataturk” airport in Istanbul has opened its doors to visitors as the largest public park in the country, reported “Daily Sabah”.

The new park, built on the territory of the former international airport, covers an area of about two square kilometers. Its construction began in May 2022 and is already 95 percent complete, Minister of Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change Murat Kurum said.

The park offers zero waste workshops, playgrounds, libraries, concert halls, places for family activities and more.

The city park also features an area representing the conquest of Constantinople, consisting of over 145,000 trees, including 350-year-old olive trees and 50-60-year-old linden and plane trees.

The former airport-turned-urban park features a 2.5-kilometer man-made stream, observation decks, picnic and rest areas, and bike and pedestrian paths.

The city park will be accessible from nine entry points. Greenhouses have also been created in it, where citizens will be able to benefit from the organic products grown in the park.

The Ministry of Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change has so far opened 15 national parks in Istanbul, and the construction of another 27 national parks is ongoing. The creation of 314 public gardens is underway across the country, with the ministry aiming to achieve 200 sq km of green space by 2028.

Photo: The original terminal at Yeşilköy in April 1970 by Victor Albert Grigas (1919-2017).

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