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European Unity in Focus: EP President Metsola Receives Prestigious In Veritate Award

Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, was honored with the "2023 In Veritate Award" for integrating Christian and European ideals. Learn more about the award ceremony and Metsola's commitment to democracy, Christian values, and European integration.

Scientology & Human Rights, raising up the next generation at the UN

Global youth activism for human rights receives recognition as Scientology's Human Rights Office commends Youth for Human Rights Summit. EINPresswire.com/ BRUSSELS-NEW YORK, BRUSSELS-NEW YORK, BELGIUM-USA,...

Should taxpayers’ money in Belgium go to suspicious anti-cults outfits?

HRWF (12.07.2023) – On June 26, the Federal Observatory on Cults (CIAOSN / IACSSO), officially known as the “Center for Information and Advice on...

EU and New Zealand Sign Ambitious Free Trade Agreement, Boosting Economic Growth and Sustainability

The EU and New Zealand have signed a groundbreaking free trade agreement, promising economic growth and sustainability. This FTA eliminates tariffs, opens new markets, and prioritizes sustainability commitments. It also boosts agricultural and food trade while setting new standards for sustainability. The agreement is awaiting approval from the European Parliament, signaling a new era of economic cooperation and prosperity.

The European Times Solidifies Its Position as a Leading Online Media

The European Times, with over 1 million readers and circa 14,000 articles, delivers high-quality news on various topics. It has gained recognition from mainstream media and academic circles, and aims to expand its reach while upholding journalistic integrity. #OnlineMedia

We must work together to reign in ‘toxic and destructive’ hate speech

Hate speech reinforces discrimination and stigma and is most often aimed at women, refugees and migrants, and minorities. If left unchecked, it can even...

UK Bar Council raises concern over treatment of Ahmadi Muslim lawyers in Pakistan

The Bar Council is profoundly concerned by recent announcements in parts of Pakistan that Ahmadi Muslims lawyers must renounce their religion in order to...

The electric chair, psychiatric electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and the death penalty

On 6 August 1890, a form of execution called the electric chair was used for the first time in the United States. The first...

Christians in Syria doomed to disappear in 20 years

Christians in Syria are doomed to disappear within two decades if the international community does not develop specific policies to protect them. This was the...

Creation of a European day for victims of global climate crises

Parliament calls for an annual ‘European day for the victims of the global climate crises’ to be established to remember the human lives lost due to climate change.
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