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Editor's choiceSweden wins Eurovision 2023 in front of Finland

Sweden wins Eurovision 2023 in front of Finland

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The final of the great musical contest was played between Sweden, Finland and Israel.

The Eurovision 2023 contest offered very good performances during its 67th edition which took place this year in Liverpool. A nearly perfect vocal level for all the candidates and pictures taken by the BBC.

The Swedish singer Loreen, who had already won the Eurovision in 2012, and favourite of the contest, won the final Saturday night in Liverpool. She beat Finland, who thought for a while that they could win, and Israel, who was very well placed throughout the evening.

Finland was among the favourites. The rapper Käärijä excited the audience with his Cha Cha Cha with techno rhythms and an original fluorescent outfit. The public followed by singing along with the artist “Cha Cha Cha”.

While we had the broadcast of a music video highlighting the winners of last year, the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra, we could attend some piano notes played by Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales. which excited the room in Liverpool.

France, represented by the Quebecer La Zarra, arrived in 16th place, a disappointment, heightened by a finger of honour of the singer at the time of the announcement of the results of the juries – she speaks of a “cultural” misunderstanding.

The LGBT flag for the Italian candidate
To introduce all the candidates at the beginning of the show, each candidate was invited to enter the stage with the flag of his country for which he was going to sing.

Marco Mengoni on his side wanted to show the flag of the LGBT community next to the Italian flag. A choice that he assumed later on his Twitter account by writing in a message two lives, two flags, in reference to the title of his song Due Vite (two lives in Italian).

Eurovision without crazy candidates would not be this song contest so appreciated. We had in particular the gothic rockers of Lord of the Lost, representing Germany.

The mystical side of the Moldavian Pasha Parfeni also made its mark.

But the performance at the end of Let 3 for Croatia was the winner. With this song, which was meant to be a satire of dictators, the group ended up in their underwear on stage in an offbeat show.

Then you also had other modernized classical, who could have also won, like Spain, with an EAEA pop/Arabic/flamenco, sung by Blanca Paloma.

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