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Health100 EUR fine for a driver who drinks water in Greece

100 EUR fine for a driver who drinks water in Greece

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The driver must have freedom of movement of the hands

A fine of 100 Euros and suspension of the driver’s license for 30 days can be imposed if the traffic officer considers that the gesture of opening a water bottle or the absence of a hand on the wheel could distract the driver of the vehicle.

According to the Road Traffic Code in Greece, there is a possibility of a fine of 100 euros for drinking water while driving only under certain circumstances, the “Trud” correspondent reported.

In fact, Article 13 of the Road Traffic Code states that the driver of a car must ensure that he has full freedom of movement of his hands, so that he can freely perform any maneuvers necessary to drive safely on the road.

Hydration is essential, especially now that the temperature is rising, but it can also lead to a fine if we decide to drink water while driving.

Driving is a process that requires our full attention and dedication, as there are many external stimuli that can cause us to “lose” our attention from the road, with all that entails.

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