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Friday, December 1, 2023
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Spain, alert for risk of forest fires and high temperatures

The risk of forest fires will continue to be very high or extreme in large parts of the country over the next few days. From...

The Elite Club: Bikers Who Conquered the Tour de France 5 Times

The Tour de France, the pinnacle of professional cycling, has witnessed the rise of numerous exceptional athletes throughout its illustrious history of 120 years,...

What is a paella and how to prepare and cook one?

Paella is a traditional Spanish dish that originated in Valencia. It is a rice-based dish that can be made with different ingredients, such as...

A strawberry and fruit war broke out between Spain and Germany.

A petition calls for the northern European country not to buy or even sell fruit from the southern country, because it is grown with illegal irrigation,

Life and Drugs, Part 1, An Overview

Drugs //  "It is better and more useful to meet a problem in time than to seek a remedy after the damage is done" explains...

Antidepressants and mental health, a damn billion-dollar business

The consumption of antidepressants keeps increasing in a world that looks easier for the pill than for finding the actual problem and solving it. In...

Exploring Padova’s Religious Diversity: A Journey with a special focus on Scientology

A documentary explores the Church of Scientology Padova and its activities while covering the rich diversity of the city.

Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s PM dissolves Parliament and calls for national elections

According to EL MUNDO, the scale of the defeat and the loss of socialist territorial power have forced the president of the government to...

Cristal Logothetis, a Spaniard based in the USA boomed a “Carry the future” movement to help refugee mothers and newborns

Cristal Logothetis (Cristal Munoz-Logothetis) at Scientology Network’s MEET A SCIENTOLOGIST, the weekly series spotlighting the everyday lives of Scientologists from around the world and...

UNESCO names 18 new Global Geoparks

 Brazil: Caçapava Geopark ...
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