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InternationalNew danger for tourists in Greece

New danger for tourists in Greece

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A night in the car can exceed a night in five-star hotels up to 3000 euros, and before that – to end up in detention.

Greece introduced a new fine at the beginning of the summer. We pay up to 3000 euros if we allow ourselves to stop and sleep in our vehicle in an unregulated place in the Southern country. Sanctions start at 300 euros.

According to the Greek law, staying overnight in a car is prohibited in public places, on beaches, in archaeological sites, and even in parking lots.

It is forbidden to spend the night even if we are with a camper or caravan. It is imperative that we find one of the rest areas created for the purpose of spending the night. Otherwise, we could end up in jail.

The fine will be imposed by the police officers on the spot. If it goes to court, however, it can swell significantly and the night on the seat surpasses the night in the five-star hotels by up to 3,000 euros. A large part of the tourists, especially from the Balkan countries, were dissatisfied with the news.

Photo by Felix Haumann: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-van-on-brown-field-under-white-clouds-3796556/

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