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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Science&TechnologyArcheologyThe Cleopatra scandal deepens: Egypt demands billions of dollars in compensation

The Cleopatra scandal deepens: Egypt demands billions of dollars in compensation

A team of Egyptian lawyers and archaeologists is demanding that the streaming company “Netflix” pay compensation in the amount of two billion dollars for the distortion of the image of Queen Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt in the feature-documentary series “Cleopatra”, the online publication “Egypt Independent” reported. The request was made in a letter to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Experts point out that Egypt has the right to take legal action to protect and preserve its tangible and intangible heritage, whether ancient or modern.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Culture of the North African country filed a complaint with the Egyptian Prosecutor’s Office against the American company, demanding that the film be removed from the platform and not be shown in any form.

This is the first legal action by an official institution in relation to the series. Earlier, lawyer Mahmoud Al-Semar announced that he was taking steps to block Netflix in the country.

The documentary series caused a wave of discontent and criticism in Egypt against the casting of the black actress Adele James for the role of Cleopatra Seven. After its premiere, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Monuments released an official statement that the legendary queen, who was the last monarch of the Ptolemaic dynasty, was fair-skinned.

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