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Nexo’s claim against Bulgaria turned out to be over 3 billion dollars

The claim of "NEXO" against Bulgaria, the Ministry of Finance and the Prosecutor's Office turned out to be over 3 billion dollars. This is...

Bulgaria is the owner of 66 royal real estates in Rila. Will King Simeon II give money back money to Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is the owner of 66 properties in Rila mountain, which are part of the case study with the so-called "royal" restitution. The Sofia...

100,000 Romanians may receive 3,000 lei each for their old car

Individuals who enroll in the program must be domiciled or resident in Romania and live in the municipality to which they apply, have no...

The Cleopatra scandal deepens: Egypt demands billions of dollars in compensation

A team of Egyptian lawyers and archaeologists is demanding that the streaming company "Netflix" pay compensation in the amount of two billion dollars for...
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