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AfricaA ferocious campaign of defamation and désinformation against Omar Harfouch, after his...

A ferocious campaign of defamation and désinformation against Omar Harfouch, after his success in the fight against corruption in Lebanon

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Omar Harfouch, the founder of the “Third Republic of Lebanon”, is the subject of a harsh campaign of diffamation and spreading false news against him through media platforms financed by corrupt officials in Lebanon, after having succeeded in bringing the case of the governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, to its terms, and the issuance of an indictment and an international arrest warrant by the French Financial Prosecutor’s Office against the governor.

Plus a plot organized against him by PM Najib Mikati – who is pursued by a gang money laundering investigation organized in Lebanon by the public prosecutor’s office of the Principality of Monaco – which aimed to physically liquidate him indirectly.

For its part, the European Union is preparing a report on the inhuman persecution taking place in Lebanon against those who fight corruption, including Omar Harfouch, and is preparing a conference in Brussels on this subject next September.

And before that, Omar Harfouch will tour European parliament’s such as Austria, Spain and Italy, to consult parliamentary groups with the aim of mobilizing as many of them as possible to support a draft resolution, punishing those who help and protect the corrupt in Lebanon and profit from their illegitimate money, whether in the judiciary, state employees or even the media.

It should be noted that the European Union actually started about ten days ago to work on a project of sanctions against corruption and to protect those who disclose it and whistleblowers.

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