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ENTERTAINMENTMusic on stockDirectly from Tel Aviv: Roi Kraus sends you "Inside Your Void"

Directly from Tel Aviv: Roi Kraus sends you “Inside Your Void”

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Bro O'Sullivan
Bro O'Sullivan
Bro O'Sullivan is a music journalist who loves music. That might sound obvious but it's not. Critics are sometimes not lovers. All reviews he writes for The European Times are about discoveries he loved, or at least liked, and to which he wants you to give a chance listening.

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Kepa Lehtinen and his piano

“It Gets Dark” around Kepa Lehtinen

Kepa Lehtinen is a well-known Finnish composer who made his name as a film and television composer. His distinctive brand is special: he is a pianist and crafts well-thought melodies and harmonies that brings everything that a classical feeling mixed with a cinematic story can bring to a listener. But man, he also plays theremin!

Let’s have a look at Tel Aviv, Israel, to see if we can find some new gems coming in the world of Rock ‘n’ roll, using that latter term in its broadest meaning. Well, there are. Roi Kraus is one of them.

Roi is new to the scene. Before 2021, you could not have heard of him. Nevertheless, his voice has a kind of maturity that you usually don’t find in newcomers. It’s deep, it’s grunge, it’s soulful.

His latest release “Inside Your Void” touched me and I wanted to share some thoughts about it. It first resonated in me bringing back to my emotional memories the best of Nirvana. Not only in the Roi’s voice, but even more in the harmony and melody that go flirting with some grunge rock of the legendary band. I know it can look as an overstatement, but I really had the feeling that this song could act as a continuum of the Kurt Cobain’s team. Of course, Roi guitar solos, on his Les Paul Gibson, are far more elaborated than Kurt’s ones (and don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the usual three-note solos of Nirvana), but still, you’ve got the Grunge feeling, and that makes it good rock.

Roi Kraus
Roi Kraus

Now the song has a spiritual meaning. At least that’s how I take it. “Inside your void” appeared to me as a rock ‘n’ roll call for meditation, finding a spiritual way to your inner core, a place where you can be yourself as a child, or as something or someone that nothing can alter. That’s bringing some profoundness that don’t find in the usual dark side of the grunge music.

It’s quite a simple and aerial arrangement, with guitars, bass, drums and a cello (which gives a nice touch and really adds to the song), and it’s very efficient, as it can be for that genre.

The song has been produced by Nim Friedrich, a talented Tel Aviv based producer, who did a very good job, mixing the 90’s rock vibes with more modern sounds and style. It’s part of an eponym EP that contains other good songs, that I urge you to listen to.

It’s definitely a nice discovery that I want to share with you. I hope you’ll like it as I did, and that you will follow up on his career and keep discovering his new songs that I know are coming.

And the full EP:

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