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Interview Romain Gutsy: “Like an Uyghur in China”

In October, I told you that I would get an interview with the “back-comer” Romain Gutsy. Yesterday Romain released a new single called “Like an Uyghur in China”, and as promised, I managed to...

If You Don’t Mind, get free with Romain Gutsy!

Romain Gutsy is not a really a newcomer. In fact, I know him for a long time. Let me tell you a true story. In 1994, in Paris, France, I went to a place called...

Look to the sky with Supa Philly – Awesome UFO prog rock!

I don’t know if you’ve ever been a fan of Yes, Marillion, or even Genesis, back in the times. I was. And today, I’m not coming with newcomers, but with old timers that I...

Open the Door into Heaven with Adam Aronson

Let’s go to New York City and see if the indie folk scene has its newcomers, and if those ones deserve a listen. Well, as usual, I found one which may fulfill your heart...

Directly from Tel Aviv: Roi Kraus sends you “Inside Your Void”

Roi Kraus' latest release “Inside Your Void” touched me and I wanted to share some thoughts about it. It first resonated in me bringing back to my emotional memories the best of Nirvana.

“It Gets Dark” around Kepa Lehtinen

Kepa Lehtinen is a well-known Finnish composer who made his name as a film and television composer. His distinctive brand is special: he is a pianist and crafts well-thought melodies and harmonies that brings everything that a classical feeling mixed with a cinematic story can bring to a listener. But man, he also plays theremin!

Raging Sons tell you to breathe easy, and you do

I can predict without any backoff that Raging Sons will soon be one of the greatest rising bands on the European scene

Scot Free Sessions releases Geoff’s Ghost, and it rocks!

Scot Robinson, songwriter of this track, and Bobby Cameron, who sings and plays the guitar, have made this amazing track under the name of Scot Free Sessions.

Randy Bryan releases a brilliant version of Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love

It's a beautiful track, pretty well produced, which in no way degrades the beauty of the "Hounds of Love" original song, but gives it a second-life.

A nice talk with rising pop singer Fior who just released “Overdose”

Fior is a young and beautiful singer who just released her third single: "Overdose". Fior was already known as a rising model, and in 2022 she decided it was time to start her musical...

Danish Singer Alex Vargas comes back with “Mama I’ve Been Dying”

Alex Vargas is not a newcomer in industry. He already released two albums and has been acclaimed in all northern Europe since 2016. His latest single “Mama I’ve Been Dying” deserves some consideration. Alex has...

LA trio Night Talks releases On and On video

That’s a DIY video that shows the LA trio Night Talks has a real sense of humor and knows how to transform it into a nice and fun production. The song itself is not funny...

Siv Jakobsen bewitches you with Most of the Time

But this lady man! Siv Jakobsen, a Norwegian faery with a melancholic gaze who sings like an angel which came on earth to help, but who encountered some issue with her mission, and fell in pain with humanity.

Not For Me – Single from Mike Pasarella, definitely for you

First, Mike Pasarella has a pleasant and plain voice, which he masters pretty well. The track is evolving from an acoustic ballad to a more grunge arrangement

Ernesto Wendy releases Wendy!

Ernesto Wendy just released the single Wendy. It’s a very interesting track which blends some traces of glam rock with a punchier alt rock vibe
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