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CharitiesRita Ora cooked burek for children in need in Albania

Rita Ora cooked burek for children in need in Albania

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Rita Ora returned to her native Albania on Monday to meet the “most vulnerable children” at a community center in Tirana.

The 31-year-old performer, who is a UNICEF ambassador, was born in Kosovo. She visited the “House of Colors”, which offers a whole range of services for children and their families, including an emergency shelter.

The singer delighted downtown residents by taking time out of her busy schedule to show off her baking skills. She gripped the rolling pin tightly and got involved in cooking a traditional Albanian burek.

She left her mark both visually and physically, from her hand on the wall of the asylum.

Rita Ora was also awarded the “Naim Frasheri” order, which was presented to her by the President of Albania, Bayram Begai. It is awarded to Albanians and foreign citizens for their valuable works and activities in science, art and culture. She went to the ceremony with her father.

“There are some things in life that you never forget, this trip will be one of them. Today was an unreal day. I had the great honor to be awarded the Naim Frasheri Order by the President of Albania Mr. Bayram Begai. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart,” wrote the singer on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram

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