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DefenseThe Israeli Ministry of Defense presented the world's most protected armored personnel...

The Israeli Ministry of Defense presented the world’s most protected armored personnel carrier “Eitan”

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The new armored personnel carrier impresses with its spaciousness, as well as a record speed of 90 km / h, and the armored personnel carrier is also endowed with high maneuverability.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense presented the world’s most secure armored personnel carrier “Eitan” of Israeli production, created on the basis of the technology of the Merkava tank.

This is reported by the telegram channel Media Archive.

According to the information, it can accommodate up to 12 fighters, has a speed of about 90 km / h, has high off-road maneuverability and is able to participate in multi-day combat operations.

Cursor wrote earlier that the Israel Innovation Authority will hold a special demonstration of new drone technology. Innovation Authority will demonstrate new technology for unmanned mailboxes delivering boxes to a distribution center.

The cursor previously wrote that Israel introduced a new BLR-2 robotic combat vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with a BLR-2 type platform, a 30mm autonomous turret developed by the Directorate of Tanks and APCs, Elbit’s Iron Fist active protection system, a fire control and flight control system, a robotic autonomous kit, as well as warning systems.

Our website also wrote that Israel presented a new fire detection system in Paris. IAI presented at an exhibition in Paris a new system for detecting firing points on the battlefield. It’s called OTHELLO-P. It is equipped with artificial intelligence that processes data with new, more efficient SWIR electro-optical and acoustic sensors.

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