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DefenseGreece offers modest aid to Ukraine on one condition

Greece offers modest aid to Ukraine on one condition

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Greek PM Mitsotakis says Athens military aid to Ukraine will be modest

Athens is ready to provide Kyiv with military aid, but it will be modest due to limited resources. Thus, the Greek authorities are ready to deliver 20 to 30 armored vehicles under one condition, said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in an interview with ERT, quoted by Lenta.ru.

According to him, in order for Athens to decide on such deliveries, it is necessary to replace the relevant equipment with more modern one – for now we are talking about the exchange of armored vehicles from Germany, Lenta.ru writes.

 “Do we want Greece to be a sad exception to European policy [to help Kyiv]? I don’t think so, despite the problems with an aggressive neighbor, “Mitsotakis said, referring to disputes with Turkey over the status of the Aegean border islands. The crux of the dispute is that during the Lausanne Peace Treaty of 1923 and the Paris Agreements of 1947, Greece undertook not to arm the islands off the Turkish coast, but has violated those agreements in recent years. Athens attributes this to the fact that the Turkish side has increased its naval presence in the Aegean Sea, which poses a threat to its security.

As Greek government spokesman Ioannis Economou said earlier, Athens could send BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles to Kyiv. In return, Greece will receive Marder armored vehicles from Germany.

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