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EconomyA defective but genuine 100-dollar bill was found in Belarus. How much...

A defective but genuine 100-dollar bill was found in Belarus. How much can it cost?

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Forensic experts checked an unusual $100 bill, which was found to have a lot of defects. It turned out that the bill is genuine. Probably, among collectors, she could make a splash.

Initially, an employee of the capital’s bank had doubts about the authenticity of the 100-dollar bill. The cash ticket was handed over to the department for the Leninsky district of the Oktyabrsky inter-district department of the State Committee for Forensic Examinations.

It turned out that this is a genuine bill of the US Federal Reserve System of the 1996 series, despite the presence of a marriage.

“Initially, doubts about the authenticity were caused by the inconsistency of some of the banknote security elements, namely, a different location of the watermark and security thread, the partial absence of security thread luminescence and the presence of ink bleeding in some images,” the official press release says.

As forensic experts have established, the marriage is associated with violations of the technological process that were made in the workplace.

What will happen next with this banknote?

The chain is usually like this. The bank, which doubted the authenticity of the dollars, calls the investigative team. Technical examination of documents is assigned. Using a microscope, the expert at his workplace compares the questionable banknote with reference samples and establishes its authenticity.

– The further fate of the cash ticket will be determined by law enforcement agencies. Perhaps he will return to the bank that decided to verify its authenticity, – said Anna Baryshnikova, representative of the UGKSE in Minsk.

The State Committee noted that, in general, genuine banknotes with manufacturing defects rarely get to forensic examinations.

How much can this banknote be sold for?

We asked what Sergey thinks about the value of this banknote, who showed readers his collection of banknotes from hundreds of countries.

– This bill can be sold dearly, especially if you attach a document from the forensic experts, which lists all the flaws. I think its price is at least 1000 rubles, at least I would not give it cheaper. Much, of course, depends on the number of people interested in buying. This banknote should create a stir in the sale, – the collector is convinced.

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