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CultureHow flowers affect our mood

How flowers affect our mood

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Flowers can affect our mood. Their color sometimes affects our health. The science that studies and applies the health effects of flowers is called color therapy. How do flowers affect mood? Red color has a positive effect on the immune system, so it has a beneficial effect on the exhausted, undergoing surgery, suffering from spring or chronic fatigue. The flaming scarlet bouquet has an invigorating effect, “mobilizes” the nervous system.

In no case are red roses, cloves, dahlias, etc. served to people with hypertension, because the red color raises blood pressure!

Violet has a calming effect, strengthens the inner balance. Those engaged in mental work put on the table a vase with a bouquet in purple, as it activates the thought process.

The yellow color symbolizes the sun. It is attributed the ability to improve mood and activate. If you want people to be always sunny, “bright” flowers are served – yellow roses and tulips, daffodils, crocuses…

With all this in mind, we could distinguish between warm and cold colors. The warm ones include yellow, orange and red (the warmest is orange-red). The cold ones are blue, green and purple. However, it is possible for shades to make the cold warmer (for example, yellow-green is warmer than blue-green). In such cases, care is taken not to be dominated by warm colors (green dominates over ultramarine, but is lost over red).

In the combination of yellow and blue, in order to have harmony, the yellow must be less. Lighting makes the dark color more intense than the light color in the shade. If you are looking for a cheerful mood, warm tones are chosen, but for solemn occasions cold ones are preferred. A calm atmosphere is created by flowers of the same color. The combinations allow different shades of the same color in ascending line – white colors are suitable for bright, they harmonize with the cold, as well as light purple, light red, blue, bright orange and yellow.

Change your mood and surroundings with the color of flowers

How do flowers affect mood? Each of us prefers a certain color and this preference speaks for us. However, by choosing the right color, we can improve our mood, facilitate relaxation or, conversely, stimulate activity, namely to turn to a loved one with a flower. Flowers simply affect us in a fundamental way, and so do plant flowers. And if we combine the colors of the decoration and furniture of the apartment with flowers, we can move to one or another part of the apartment according to your mood.

White flowers

How do flowers affect mood? The white color of the flowers can relieve stress, depression and fear. If you are under pressure or the person you want to give a gift to is busy with work and care, duties, you are not up to date, white flowers will refresh you. White flowers create a feeling of freedom, purity, unrestraint. However, if it snows in the winter, you want something more colorful. And a little of the green. White also shows optimism, reliability, kindness, especially if you buy white lilies. Think of the spring atmosphere when fruit trees are in bloom. A little pink will only enhance the effect.

Yellow flowers – how do flowers affect mood?

Yellow flowers stimulate thinking, improve communication skills, relax and radiate inner peace. They are ideal for resolving important issues and for important meetings. However, the energetic yellow color also has its drawbacks. As a gift, yellow flowers can symbolize jealousy, self-love and self-pity, confusion, and childhood. However, if we do not mind and need to light the apartment, yellow is definitely perfect. Sunflowers in particular have a strong energy impact.

Orange flowers

Orange flowers relax the atmosphere, support communication, encourage, show a desire for openness. So, if you are about to deal with something unpleasant or decisive and you find it difficult to gather courage, do not forget to give orange flowers. You will help yourself and the other party. Orange gerberas are ideal because they symbolize truthfulness. On the other hand, orange gladioli are a symbol of patience and tolerance.

Red flowers

Red is an energetic, passionate and highly emotional color. People with a more violent nature (so-called hot heads) should avoid red flowers. But people who are softer, more restrained and looking for courage can use the power of this color. If we just need a rush of energy at all times, and also courage, red flowers are perfect. If you even give red tulips as a gift, you will give your loved one the most curious flowers in life. Red roses, for a change, symbolize devotion. However, it is better not to give away red carnations, because here the symbolism is completely different. Condolences.

Pink flowers – how do flowers affect mood?

Pink flowers symbolize loyalty, devotion, love, but also an apology in the form of orchids, as well as the desire for contact and affection, the desire to be heard, to debate, to discuss.

Purple flowers

Purple flowers are soothing, excellent for meditation, symbolize and inspire spirituality and harmony. So, if you want to clear your head, calm down, but also gain courage and strengthen your will, reach for purple flowers. Purple is also a sign of true emotion, of a big heart.

Blue flowers

Blue is not a common color for flowers, but blue flowering plants are found. If you need to calm down, cool your passions, but also get inspired. Blue evokes feelings of happiness, calm, but also kindness and modesty, reliability, honesty.

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