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CulturePutin urged young people not to leave Russia

Putin urged young people not to leave Russia

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At a meeting with young people last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that in 10 years they will live much better. “Solving the tasks will improve the quality of life,” he explained.

Putin added that Russia relies on “such young, energetic and successful people.” And that anyone who chooses to leave the country will regret it.

“This is not a threat. They will regret not because we are threatening someone, but because Russia is a country with great potential,” he said. “And many regret that they have to leave. able to make sovereign decisions. And we are a sovereign state, we must be ambitious for the future. “

Asked about the special operation, he said that Tsar Peter I had been waging a 21-year war in order not to conquer territories, but to regain previously lost Russian territories.

“Obviously now it’s up to us to return and strengthen,” he said.

Shortly afterwards, it was rumored that there could be referendums on autonomy in Donetsk and Luhansk.

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