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EnvironmentTurkey recycles 1.1m tonnes of plastic waste a year

Turkey recycles 1.1m tonnes of plastic waste a year

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Turkey saves $ 1 billion a year by recycling 1.1 million tonnes of plastic waste, according to data from the Association of Recycling Companies in Turkey, quoted by the Anatolian Agency.

Since the start of the Zero Loss project in 2010, the percentage of recycled waste in Turkey has increased from 13 to 22.4 percent.

At the same time, recycling plastic waste earns $ 1 billion a year, and 350,000 employees work in 1,300 recycling companies.

Fatih Eren, chairman of the Association of Recycling Companies in Turkey, said recycled plastic waste is used in many sectors, including packaging, electronics, textiles and construction.

He added that plastics can be recycled countless times and stressed that the sector has huge potential. Ehren said Turkey sells recycled plastics for $ 1,000 a tonne.

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