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HealthASTRAZENECA confirms in England that its vaccine can produce thrombi

ASTRAZENECA confirms in England that its vaccine can produce thrombi

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Gabriel Carrion Lopez
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The company AstraZeneca confirms in official documents that its vaccine against COVID-19 can cause side effects such as thrombosis. And it has done so due to the publication in The Telegraph newspaper of a series of data on a class action lawsuit filed in the English High Court for 51 cases of people who have died or suffered serious injuries.

La empresa se expone a una indemnización cercana a los 100 millones de libras. Al parecer, su vacuna “Vaxzevria, desarrollada con la Universidad de Oxford, causó la muerte y lesiones graves en decenas de casos. Los abogados argumentan que la vacuna produjo un efecto secundario que ha tenido efectos devastadores en un pequeño número de familias, informa el diario británico.” (1)

As early as 2021, the European Medicines Agency detected some cases of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia, also linked to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. However, considering them so insignificant at that time, it decided not to investigate. Such cases did not generate concern then, nor do they do so now. They are considered collateral damage. Deaths or people with visible damage due to vaccines are diluted in the figures of those vaccinated and are insignificant for the organizations that have to monitor these companies.

How much money did the pharmaceutical companies make from the COVID-19 vaccine?

In an article from August 2021, almost three years ago, official figures were given on how much profit the COVID-19 business had brought in for pharmaceutical companies: “The international pharmaceutical majors involved in the production of the covid-19 vaccine collectively earned more than €24.5 billion in the first half of 2021, driven by growing demand for the drug. Pharmaceuticals Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson made a net profit of €24.522 billion in this period, an increase of 66% over 2020.” (2)

From January to June 2021 Pfizer posted a profit of $10.44 billion, up 56% from the previous year (2020). AstraZeneca reported a net profit in the first six months of 2021 of $2.696 billion, up 51.7% from the previous year. Moderna, in the same time period reported earnings of $4,001 million, achieving the first net profit in its history. Finally, Johnson and Johnson reported a net profit of 12,475 million dollars, 32.4% more than in the first half of the previous year.

If we add to all the above millions that we are only referring to one period of the pandemic, imagine the amount of money they have moved since then, and especially if we take into account that the vaccine against Covid-19 has practically become chronic, just like the flu vaccine.

The fact that now the international criminal courts are forcing them to pay some small amounts does not mean any reduction in their treasury coffers. The big pharmaceutical companies, with the help of the media and above all of the states, have forced us to buy, through FEAR, a vital necessity: to be vaccinated so as not to be pointed out as a danger to society, as it happened in those years, where even the security forces of the states were put to the task of arresting and fining those who, exercising their rights, refused to be vaccinated.

Today it is AstraZeneca who is paying, hopefully others will follow in other countries and then class action lawsuits will follow against governments and politicians. Who will pay us citizens back for the time stolen?

1.- AstraZeneca admite que su vacuna contra el Covid-19 puede provocar efectos secundarios como la trombosis (msn.com)

2.- ¿Cuánto dinero ganan las farmacéuticas gracias a las vacunas del covid? (atlantico.net)

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