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DefenseSpecial Forces "Badr 313" of the new Afghan army in favor of...

Special Forces “Badr 313” of the new Afghan army in favor of Kalashnikov assault rifles

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In Afghanistan, the Taliban continues to form the armed forces.

Recall that the Taliban * militants took power in the country into their own hands against the backdrop of the withdrawal of the American contingent. In September last year, the Taliban leaders * announced that the main backbone of the new Afghan army has been formed (the formation of non-assault battalions is continuing), moreover, it was based on representatives of special forces and the Badr (Badri) 313 assault groups. This Taliban special forces were armed with captured American weapons, including M16 assault rifles and M4 carbines.

Special detachments “Badr 313” operated in the most difficult sectors of the front for the Taliban (if the word “front” is at least somewhat relevant for Afghanistan). For example, they took part in the capture of the Salang pass during the assault operation in the Panjshir gorge.

Attention today is drawn to the fact that more and more representatives of the new Afghan special forces “Badr 313” in the photo and video footage pose not with American small arms, but with Kalashnikov assault rifles of various modifications. These are both “classic” AKM and AKMS variants.

Afghan sources indicate that Soviet-designed small arms are preferred in the Badr 313 assault squads. There is a gradual abandonment of American weapons in favor of Kalashnikov assault rifles.

There is no need to explain the reason for a long time – it (a Soviet-developed weapon) is more reliable. Taking into account the fact that for the assault detachments of the new Afghan special forces, jewelry accuracy of small arms is definitely not required, but it is required that it does not lose its “condition” even in the most difficult conditions of use and does not impose special maintenance requirements, the choice again falls on the “old kind “” Kalashnikov “.

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