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EconomyMoskvich-400: "German" by birth, "Soviet citizen" by vocation

Moskvich-400: “German” by birth, “Soviet citizen” by vocation

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After the end of the Second World War, Soviet designers were given the task of developing a mass car, which, in terms of technical characteristics, would not be inferior to the German version of the Opel Cadet.

At the same time, instead of two doors, the car was supposed to receive four. Thus, the history of Moskvich-400 began. The first copy rolled off the assembly line in 1946. At the same time, state acceptance testing of the “four hundredth” began in 1949. Thus, for three years the car, being a production version, was approved retroactively.

Already in 1948, the vehicle began to be delivered to Finland. Later, the car appeared in Poland and China.

The people called this “German” simply – “Moskvich”. The car turned out to be quite successful and even epoch-making. The car was distinguished by good external design, as well as reliability. The model received an independent suspension, a monocoque body and hydraulic brakes.

At the same time, the “four hundredth” did not have direction indicators. “Moskvich” was completed with a wiper, which functioned due to the engine camshaft.

They asked for 8 thousand rubles for a four-door sedan. At that time it was quite a lot of money. The vehicle has been produced for nine years. At the same time, 250,000 cars rolled off the assembly line. Ten percent of the cars were exported.

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