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InternationalThe color of cats affects the fate of their owner

The color of cats affects the fate of their owner

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Do you love cats? Ah, do you have? If you have a pet cat, you can learn a lot about yourself from him. According to experts, the cat has a mission in the life of its owner and he did not choose it by chance, but subconsciously. To determine what it is, the color of a cat’s fur is taken into account. See which color is responsible for what.

a black cat

If you have one, you probably don’t believe the claim that black cats are bad luck. The truth is that they are the ones who protect their owner and home from evil forces and energy. The black cat protects against spells and curses. It will give you wisdom, open your eyes and teach you how to avoid trouble. The black cat is a blessing you can have in your home.

Gray cat

Their mission is to bring harmony, comfort and love to your home. They calm passions, reduce disputes and conflicts. They calm down. If you have a gray cat, you will always find balance. If you live with your partner, your relationship will be harmonious.

White cat

These are cats that have healing powers. White is a symbol of health and longevity. Your cat probably likes to sit inside you or step on and snuggle in places where it hurts. Do not think that she is just resting – she heals you and charges you with positive energy.

Striped cat

One of the most common types of coloring when it comes to cats. It is characterized by a strong connection with the other world. Expect sharpening of intuition, signals and signs of fate with such a cat. Many things will probably seem random to you, but they will not be.

Red cat

Sunny cats that charge their owner and the home in which they live with positive energy and mood. You will be very lucky, thanks to which you will be able to achieve all your goals. Don’t wonder who is behind all this – your cat, of course.

Multicolored cat

This refers to a lighter body with dark paws, ears, snout and tail. These are the cats of longevity. If your pet belongs to this type, then expect success in work and business.

Tricolor cat

This is the cat of happiness. Problems will start to pass you by, you will enjoy healthy and stable relationships in love, work and everywhere else, you will notice an increase in your income. You will feel at peace with yourself and the world. You will just be happy.

It turns out that pets can be good for our health, especially cats. Useful for children Pets make children friendlier and more attentive in communicating with people. They are good for children’s health in the long run. A team from the Johns Hopkins Institute of Pediatric Allergology and Immunology has shown that a domestic cat reduces a child’s risk of developing allergies simply because they are exposed to more allergens such as cat hair at home.

They lower the blood pressure

Cats and dogs reduce our daily stress, and with it our blood pressure. A study of 240 married couples shows that cat or dog owners have a slower heart rate and lower blood pressure. They remain low even under stress factors.

The heart loves them

The cat also has a good effect on the heart. A study found that people who have never seen a cat are more likely to have a heart attack than those who have ever had a domestic cat. According to scientists, this risk is 30% higher.

Faster healing

The purring of the cat fills us with warmth and tenderness that soothes. However, according to the latest research by scientists at the University of California, cats also accelerate recovery. The reason – they purr in a certain range – from 25 to 150 Hz. For our body, this range has been proven to be healing. It is also thought to increase bone density. According to scientists, if you recover from an injury or surgery and have a cat on your lap, you will get to your feet much faster.

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