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InternationalSome of the most precious treasures on Earth are covered by the...

Some of the most precious treasures on Earth are covered by the icebergs of Greenland

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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The iceberg of Greenland is melting faster than the predictions of women. And this, he understands, arouses great appetites, as under the ice there are incredible treasures – from gold and diamonds – to oil and gas. It is no coincidence that the most powerful countries in the world have already set their sights on Greenland.

The Danish geologist Minic Posing claims that the island is abundantly abundant from the cliffs that lie beneath its surface.

“There is iron dust, gold mine, gold, even platinum. And the climatic changes make the voyage from and to Greenland more and more easy,” he said.

Climate change leads to warmer weather, and higher temperatures lead to melting glaciers. This means that it will be easier for these precious metals to be mined.

The Chinese border guards are still under the jurisdiction of Denmark, and the United States is coming to the point where they want to buy it. The proposal was submitted by Donald Trump during my presidential term. “Greenland, however, is not for sale,” said the Danish minister-in-chief, raising hopes for the United States.

The largest island in the world is really gaining more and more importance – not only because of the treasures under the ice of natural resources, but also because of the fall. Suddenly, new sea routes are emerging, which will significantly shorten the voyages of ships from Asia to Europe and America.

As far as wealth is concerned, it is assumed that Greenland’s reserves account for 13% of the world’s oil reserves and as much as 30% of the world’s oil reserves. Dalboĸo in nedpata as often dpemyat naxodishta na tsinĸ, olovo, zhelyazna pyda, zlato, cpebpo, diamanti, med, niĸel, platina, ypan and pedĸi Metal to ĸato lantan, neodim and itpiy, ĸoito ce izpolzvat charter ppoizvodctvoto na cmaptfoni, vetpogenepatopi and avtomobilni aĸymylatopi.

The battle for the apical island of Greenland is getting worse. The United States and China are fighting for greater influence over the giant, but weakly targeted land, which hopes for complete independence from Denmark, ROLE writes.

“The United States thinks of Greenland as the sticky pap of North America,” said a military analyst for the Scandinavian government. “They don’t want China to step so close to them.” Some people still think that Greenland is the cheapest way to enter the United States – and that on the coast of America.

At the moment, Denmark is spending more than half of the budget of the local government, but the politicians on the island are looking for new ways to fill the budget and us. The hope is that one day Greenland can endure itself.

At the local level, the desire of American, Chinese and Asian investors to make some money is clear. The success of North American and European investments has made the task even more urgent. Previous US President Donald Trump broke up the international community, when a surprise prompted the United States to buy the island. The Autonomous Government of Greenland responds quickly and categorically that the island does not sell.

Trump’s ill-prepared gambit has attracted a flurry, but it also shows how big the pressure in Washington is on China’s measures.

“The main change over the last two years has been that our US ally identifies China as a strategic partner,” he said. “This is what you see in Arctic.” China’s interest in the island “is not a complete war, but in the long run it will scare away the strategic interests of one of our partners.”

Washington pressed Copenhagen last year to block attempts by Chinese companies to modernize the only international airport.

Chinese companies are seeking licenses to mine foreign metals in Greenland, where it is estimated that some of the largest deposits lie outside China, 70 percent.

In the southern part of the island it is calculated that there is 1 billion. tons of mineralized pyda, which has a significant content of earth minerals and ypan. In 2016, the Chinese investor became the largest shareholder in the Australian company, which began to depend on and wait for the decision to be made. At the same time, Washington is pressuring Copenhagen and the authorities in Greenland to test the experience of Chinese investors.

Zаceгa Πeĸin ce oтдpъпнa. However, aid from the United States and the European Union has continued to fail, and typism has not recovered from the pandemic, and China will have a new chance.

The European Union can help by investing a fraction of the aid it gives to developing countries in Africa and other continents.

For now, Brussels does not have a representative in Greenland, although the Dutch government has a small office in the capital of the EC. The Union provides around € 32 million in aid each year, mostly for education.

From the beginning of the crisis, the Commission began to fight for the vulnerability of the EC to a monopoly on deliveries of strategic minerals. This month, Brussels will present a plan for securing, diversifying and recycling key deliveries from critical assets, which will be important.

This report does not mention Greenland, as it is not part of the EU. This underscores why aid for the island is difficult to achieve a political whole in Brussels. Greenland was the first “bottom in the European family”, which became the backbone of the European Economic Community in 1985.

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