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NatureWhy the dog licks your hands and feet

Why the dog licks your hands and feet

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News
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Has your dog ever licked your hands and feet? And have you ever wondered why he does it?

There are several possible reasons that make our pet want to behave in this way. And they are far from limited to his desire to show us how much he loves us. Something we have no doubt about!

• Thirst for attention

One of the main reasons your pet licks your hands and feet is because it wants attention. This is especially true if you have been away all day and the animal notices that the closer you get, the happier you are.

• Encouraging behavior

Just like a lot of things in our pet’s daily routine, if this dog has learned from an early age that once he licks your hand or foot, he will receive praise or reward, he will continue to do so in order to be rewarded again.

• I like your taste

Quite possibly the reason your dog likes to lick exposed areas of your hands or feet is that he likes their taste. You will know that this is the case if your pet licks you intently after, for example, you have cooked, bathed or taken off your socks after a long day.

• Boredom

If your pet is bored and looking for fun, he may try to “play” with you by licking your feet or hands. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise, walks and physical activity.

• It is in his nature

When the puppy is a little one of the ways he explores the world is like sniffing and licking things around him. In the same way, the mother licks the newborns in the first weeks of their lives. Nature.

• Excitement

The reason your pet licks your hands and feet may be due to the fact that he is excited. In this case, he is more likely to do so when you go home or before going for a walk.

• Attachment

Undoubtedly one of the main reasons our dog licks us is to show us his affection. In this way the animal lets us know, in his language, that we are part of his family (pack) and he trusts us. Often this type of licking follows after we caress our furry friend.

How to make the dog stop licking our hands and feet?

If for some reason this behavior irritates your dog, there are several ways you can make him stop doing it.

• Avoid encouraging it

If your dog remembers that he will be rewarded, it would help to shift the focus and praise him only if he behaves the way you want. Ignore him while he licks you – this will make the association that this behavior does not lead to anything more exciting for him and will gradually stop doing it.

• Distract him with something

When he starts licking you, give him a favorite toy or do something to distract him. This will shift your focus.

Licking our dog’s hands and feet is usually a kind gesture by which the animal shows affection, demands attention or is used to being rewarded.

 If you don’t like it – there is something to do, although most four-legged owners find these gestures of their pets charming!

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