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Countries where no river flows

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It is difficult to imagine that it is possible to live on the principle without these natural reservoirs and that there are countries somewhere, where they are completely devoid of water.

In total, there are seventeen such countries in the world, nine of which are located on the islands. The largest landlocked country is huge in terms of territory, with an area of ​​2 million square kilometers.

The climate on the planet is not the same everywhere. There are areas where it does not rain at all or their quantity is small and unstable. This is one of the main reasons for scientists from all over the world to pay serious attention to the problem related to water management.

The reason for the seasonal loss of water in the eighteenth largest peaks on the planet is the lower conditions – the climate, which has fallen and fallen. Every year, these 18 pecks lose up to eighty percent of their water, writes novate.ru.

The Euphrates-Tiger pool, which captures the bulk of the Ciprian and Ipacian territories, is very fast. In 2018, an underground drinking water supply stopped operating in Cape Town (South Africa).

Which country has the largest territory in which there are no rivers

The first place in this negative rating is taken by Saudi Arabia – 2,149,690 square kilometers. 95 percent of the entire territory of the country is deserted. During the summer, the average temperature of the air reaches 45 degrees Celsius.

There has been no rainfall in this country for several years. The fresh water in this state is completely concentrated in aquifers. Sources for drinking water are as follows:

Sea water, underwent desalination procedure – 50%;

non-renewable groundwater – 40%;

Surface waters collected in mountainous areas – 10%.

It must be said that all, without exception, countries that exist in the United States, the largest on Earth, do not exist. Most of the countries in the Middle East, which are located below, rely on dehydrated water pecypci to satisfy all their needs. In some countries, the water after rain is stored for months in the lowlands of the valleys or in the furnaces. At the same time, the quantity of such water is limited, which is related to the heat and unfavorable meteorological conditions.

Which country, where there are no rivers, is the smallest in area?

The smallest country, which can be called a full-fledged country, is called Vatican, which occupies an area of ​​only 0.445 square meters. There are not only pecs, but also lakes, as well as mountains, which could be glaciers. The water is delivered from Italy.

Such a small country is also Monaco, but the lack of water pecyps in such countries is not a problem that worries.

Countries that do not have permanent rivers at all:

Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia; Yemen; Qatar; Oman; Kuwait.

Europe region: Vatican; Monaco.

Island countries: Bahamas – Atlantic Ocean, Bahrain – Persian Gulf; Malta – Mediterranean Sea; Comoros and Maldives – Indian Ocean; Tuvalu, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru – Pacific region.

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