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Education8 ways to make a cat happy

8 ways to make a cat happy

Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

Probably everyone who has watched or watched a cat knows that these are alien animals that almost never seem happy. Cats are simply kings in poor care and in the delicate suggestion of guilt that you are not doing enough for her well-being.

Just like humans, cats experience negative emotions. They know boredom, boredom, loneliness and even depression: and if you have a flair for and love your cat, it’s a good idea to learn to recognize those emotions and help your cat regain life satisfaction.

The good news is that unlike us, cats can easily regain their balance and faith in the good life. Of course, their basic needs must be met: food, clean water, clean toilet, shelter. In addition, it is desirable to provide them with some other things that stand higher in the cat pyramid of Maslow. Here are some of the more important things to look out for if you own a purring pet:

Attention, attention and more attention

Many believe that cats are as self-sufficient as the stone in Dalchev’s poem and that they do very well on their own. This is not entirely true, however. True, cats will not break down your door or describe the neighborhood if you go to the store, as the dog will, but they definitely need human attention. Hug your cat, pet her, play with her, let her lie on your chest and purr.

“Bring” your home

If you have a cat, your home should show that you have a cat. Not just on the toilet in the toilet. “Catification” is a term coined by cat psychologist Jackson Galaxy to mean places where a cat can look down, lurk, and feel … a cat. Even simply freeing the sill from orchid pots so that your kitten can access the window can significantly solve various behavioral problems. Pet stores also sell a variety of cat climbers, which will rarely go unused.

Lots of fun

Everyone loves to have fun. It is no coincidence that the pandemic has put serious pressure on not only the physical but also the mental health of humanity. All entertainment was suspended for an indefinite period of time and this had a dramatic effect on everyone. Cats also need to have fun, although it does not include going to discos and restaurants.

There are enough cat toys: mice, feathers, sticks, whatever your soul wants. The laser is also an eternally relevant option. And the ordinary sunny bunny can do wonders. Ping pong balls are also a great cat toy. By the way, another cat – too.

Safe access outside

Not all cats need to go outside. There are quite happy and satisfied cats who went only to the veterinary clinic. They take their dose “outside” from balconies and terraces and feel comfortable within their house.

However, if your cat is more open to going outside and does not get hysterical at the front door, it will be great to take her to a safe place outside. If you live in a house with a secure yard or garden, you can let it go for a walk. Of course, be careful not to have dogs or other animals around that could be potentially dangerous to the cat.

Scratch space

Scratching is not done to irritate you and ruin your living room furniture, or at least not always. It is a feline instinct and is the way cats stretch and relax their muscles as they sharpen their claws. Some cats like to do it horizontally, on the floor, others prefer the vertical method. In all cases, it is desirable to provide your cat with a place to sharpen nails. It doesn’t matter if it will be a specially adapted pet store board or you will make something yourself.

It is important that the cat has the opportunity to sharpen its claws and make its morning stretching undisturbed.

The toilet – in the right place

You don’t like to be stared at when you’re in the bathroom, do you? Well, your cat doesn’t like it either. If for some reason you place the cat toilet in a visible place where people are constantly passing by, it is very likely that your cat will not want to use it at all. Position the toilet in a quiet, secluded place where the mazoran can be alone. Keep the toilet clean and change it regularly if you don’t want your feline friend to start avoiding it and doing his physiological needs in places you don’t like. Never position the toilet near where the cat is eating.

Time for yourself

Cats can be social, but like humans, they sometimes need to be alone and alone. It is good to provide them with a basket, a house or just a box in which they can hide when they need it.

Herb garden

Cats that live outside eat grass and various herbs. You can grow some herbs on your balcony that are safe for cats and help their digestion. These are catnip, lemongrass, thyme and rosemary. However, be careful. Some houseplants, such as lilies, are highly toxic to cats.

Naturally, feed the animal quality food, do not wake him while he sleeps and be careful that other occupants of your home, such as dogs and children, do not harass him. This way you will have every chance to have a happy cat, even if it is not visible to her. Maybe bad watching is actually part of a cat’s happiness.

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