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AmericaThe woman next to Elon Musk auctioned off part of her soul

The woman next to Elon Musk auctioned off part of her soul

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Elon Musk and Grimes appear together for the first time at the gala of the Metropolitan Museum in 2018, which is held under the motto “Divine Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Inspiration”.

Elon Musk and Grimes appear together for the first time at the gala of the Metropolitan Museum in 2018, which is held under the motto “Divine Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Inspiration”.

Singer Grimes earned $ 6 million in less than 20 minutes from selling cryptoart.

Canadian singer Grimes, who captivates the heart of billionaire Elon Musk, is known for her eccentricities no less than for her songs. Dyeing her hair pink, blue or green is the least of her quirks. In April, she posted a photo of herself with a bare back on Instagram, showing the chaotic red lines of a freshly done ink tattoo. The musician explained that these are “wonderful traces of aliens.”

Again, with a photo on social networks, she informed her fans that she was pregnant by Musk, with whom she has been a couple since 2018. She had painted a phosphorescent embryo on her belly. The baby was born in May 2020, and the world was amazed when the parents announced the name of the child chosen on her initiative. The boy was named X AE A-12. He is the first child for Grimes and the sixth for the rich American who has decided to relocate humanity to Mars.

Later, the mother herself revealed what was behind the baby’s name – X is the changing unknown, AE is the elven spelling of AI – the abbreviation for artificial intelligence, and A-12 is an American reconnaissance aircraft, “the harbinger of our favorite SR-71. He has no weapon, only speed. Great in battle, but without violence, “she wrote.

The singer also explained that A in the name also comes from “Archangel”, “my favorite song”.

At the end of May, the famous mom and dad announced that they would change their son’s name and their fans believed that it would not be so unusual. It turned out that the change was in the spelling of the number 12 – instead of Arabic, Roman numerals. So the little one is now called X AE A-XII.

A few weeks after her birth, Grimes held a retrospective exhibition of her work, emphasizing that she considers herself much more of a conceptual artist and finds it strange that she is better known as a musician, songwriter and producer. She has sold drawings, engravings, photographs and installations she has created over the past 10 years. Part of the exhibition was a contract for the sale of part of her soul. Grimes had set an initial price of $ 10 million, but then announced that at the height of the pandemic it was too much money, so visitors to the exhibition must determine the price themselves.

At the end of February this year in 20 minutes, the Canadian sold a collection of 10 of her crypto works for $ 6 million on the Internet in a specially created platform. Her works are extremely short videos, sounded with music by the singer and united by the name “The Nymph of War”.

The most successful among them were “Earth” and “Mars”, which sold 700 copies, each $ 7,500. It later became clear that part of the proceeds went to a non-governmental organization that is fighting to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

In fact, Grimes had a very successful musical career even before he met Elon Musk. Claire Ellis Boucher, as her real name is, was born on March 17, 1988 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her paternal grandmother is Ukrainian, and as a child Claire attended both a Russian and a Catholic school, where she often appeared intoxicated.

Her favorite poet is Anna Akhmatova

She is attracted by artists such as Dostoevsky, Nabokov, Tarkovsky and Bulgakov. Her mother is a well-known prosecutor, and her father, a former banker, works in the biotechnology business.

In 2006, the 18-year-old moved to Montreal, where she studied neurobiology, literature and Russian at the prestigious McGill University. Shortly before graduating, however, she left because she had already started recording music and fame was not long in coming. In 2010, her debut album Geidi Primes was released, which was a success she did not expect. The name of the album comes from the fictional planet in the series of novels by Frank Herbert about the Dune universe.

Her most successful album, Visions, went on sale in 2012, and the cover was painted by the artist herself. The New York Times called it “one of the freshest records of the year.” Other critics describe it as bizarre but surprisingly accessible to the public. Art Angels, released in 2015, also received very wide recognition in the alternative charts. Her latest studio album, Miss Anthropocene, will be released in 2020.

Grimes’ music is a mixture of dream pop, rhythm and blues, electronic music, experimental and indie pop, rentals, hip-hop. He says he wants to

sounds “like something a group of vampires would listen to if that group of vampires was also a troupe of cheerleaders.”

And the experiments with her own style are endless, literally inexhaustible. She is constantly changing images so that she cannot be personified by an already existing way of dressing, behaving or genre.

The singer weighs only 47 kg. She is a complete vegetarian and has never tasted milk in her life. Incidentally, it also changed its own name to C. Boucher, with C (si) being the designation of the speed of light in a vacuum.

Before meeting Musk, who periodically ranks first in the world in wealth of about $ 200 billion, the Canadian had a relationship with his fellow student Devon Welsh, who is also a musician.

While at university, Grimes became famous for his trip to the Mississippi from Minneapolis to New Orleans, which he did with a friend. The two go downstream with a 6-meter floating house built by themselves, taking with them 5 live hens and sacks of potatoes. The self-made boat of the adventurers will soon be damaged, they also have problems with the police, as they do not follow any rules for sailing on the river.

“It’s nice to be like Tom Sawyer, but we’re not 1883 anymore,” said a police officer at the time.

Grimes met the greatest visionary among American billionaires on the Internet. Musk decides to joke with the artificial intelligence artist and writes her a personal message on Twitter. She jokes back about electric cars. Thus began an exchange of wit that lasted for months before the two met live.

They first appeared together at the gala of the Metropolitan Museum in 2018. Constantly talked about in the press and on social media because of their fame and strangeness, the two keep their relationship intact for now, and Grimes claims that one of their frequent arguments is who is crazier. Is it the one who likes to entertain her baby by watching him watch Apocalypse Now, or the one who, after selling off all his estates and houses and becoming a homeless billionaire, now lives in something like a caravan for 50,000 dollars on the territory of its space company “Space Ex” in Texas? A difficult dilemma.

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