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EuropeBulgaria Ranks 8th in EU in Electricity Generated by NPP

Bulgaria Ranks 8th in EU in Electricity Generated by NPP

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Nuclear power plants in the EU produced about 26% of the total electricity generated in the Union in 2019, according to data from the specialized Eurostat survey.

Thirteen Member States, including Bulgaria, operated a total of 106 reactors, which generated 765,337 GW/h of electricity.

The largest producer of nuclear energy in the EU is France with a total volume of 399,011 GW/h, which is 52.1% of the total amount of nuclear energy produced within the Union.

Germany takes the second place with 75,071 GW/h, or 9.8% of the EU‘s total atomic mix, followed by Sweden (66,130 GW/h) and Spain (58,349 GW/h). These four countries together produce more than three-thirds of the total amount of nuclear energy in the EU.

Bulgaria ranks 8th with 16,555 GW/h, which accounts for 2.2% of the total volume of nuclear energy produced.

Our country is also overtaken by Belgium, which ranks 5th (43,523 MW/h), Czech Republic (30246 MW/h) and Finland (23,870 MW/h).

Behind us are Hungary, in 9th place (16,288 MW/h), Slovakia (15,282 MW/h), Romania (11,280 MW/h), Slovenia (5,821 MW/h) and the Netherlands (3,909 MW/h).

Since 2006, when gross production of 914,08 MW/h was recorded, electricity generated by NPPs has decreased by 16.3%, mainly due to the phased shutdown of nuclear reactors in Germany. The largest volume of 928,435 MW/h was produced in 2004, since Eurostat started recording these data in 1990.

Eleven EU Member States do not have a NPP: Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland and Portugal.

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