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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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The European Prosecutor’s Office has brought charges against a Bulgarian milk producer

The European Prosecutor's Office announced that it has filed charges against a Bulgarian dairy farmer who received funds from the EU

Resilient IT companies continue to hire in Bulgaria amidst global tech layoffs and hiring freezes

By Abdenour (Nour) Bezzouh, Group CTO at myPOS In the US, over 340,042 tech employees have been laid off since late 2022, with at least...

The new government in Skopje rejected the deal with Bulgaria

Lawmakers in North Macedonia approved the new nationalist-dominated government of Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski, whose party won parliamentary elections in May, riding on voter...

A Bulgarian transported the coffins to the Eiffel Tower for 120 euros

Bulgarian citizen, along with two other men, placed coffins labeled "French soldiers from Ukraine" at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. The three were...

After 76 years: Tsar Ferdinand’s coffin leaves for Bulgaria on Monday

The casket with the mortal remains of Tsar Ferdinand leaves for Bulgaria late on Monday. This was reported by the Catholic Church "St. Augustine"...

Bulgaria and Romania join the border-free Schengen area

After 13 years of waiting, and Bulgaria and Romania officially entered the vast Schengen area of free movement at midnight on Sunday 31 March.

Ukraine hopes to begin installation of Bulgaria’s nuclear reactors in June

Kiev is sticking to the price of $600 million despite Sofia's desire to gain more from a possible deal. Ukraine expects to start building four...

Bulgarian psychiatric hospitals, prisons, children’s boarding schools and refugee centres: misery and violated rights

The Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria, Diana Kovacheva, published the Institution's Eleventh Annual Report of the inspections in places of deprivation of liberty...

North Macedonia already exports nearly 4 times more wine than Bulgaria

Years ago, Bulgaria was one of the biggest producers of wine in the world, but now it has been losing its position for almost...

Nexo’s claim against Bulgaria turned out to be over 3 billion dollars

The claim of "NEXO" against Bulgaria, the Ministry of Finance and the Prosecutor's Office turned out to be over 3 billion dollars. This is...
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