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Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Vladimir Putin

Putin signed a law requiring schoolchildren to do community service

In addition, the study of a subject called "Essentials of National Security and Defense" is being introduced in schools. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed...

Sex reassignment surgeries banned in Russia

The lower house of the Russian parliament - the State Duma - adopted on 14.07.2023 in the third, final reading a bill that would...

Russian President Putin Condemns Quran Burning in Stockholm, Recalling Historical Lessons

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently expressed his condemnation of the Quran burning incident in Stockholm, emphasizing Russia's strong stance against religious offenses. This article...

How the anticult FECRIS tries to escape the blame

FECRIS an umbrella organization funded by the French government, that gathers and coordinates “anti-cult” organizations throughout Europe and beyond
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