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ReligionIslamRussian President Putin Condemns Quran Burning in Stockholm, Recalling Historical Lessons

Russian President Putin Condemns Quran Burning in Stockholm, Recalling Historical Lessons

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently expressed his condemnation of the Quran burning incident in Stockholm, emphasizing Russia’s strong stance against religious offenses. This article explores Putin’s remarks, the legal repercussions in Russia, and the international response to the incident.

Putin Highlights Quran Desecration as a Crime in Russia

During his visit to Dagestan, President Putin reaffirmed that desecrating the Holy Quran is considered a crime in Russia1. His statement underscores the seriousness with which Russia addresses offenses against religious texts and sentiments.

Putin’s Veiled Dig at Sweden and NATO

In his remarks, Putin made a veiled reference to the Quran-burning incident in Sweden, suggesting that the country had not learned from historical lessons2. This comment reflects Putin’s concerns about the incident’s potential implications on international relations and the need for mutual respect among nations.

International Condemnation and Turkey’s Response

The Quran burning demonstration in Stockholm drew international condemnation, with Turkey denouncing it as a “heinous act”3. The approval of the demonstration by Swedish authorities sparked outrage and raised concerns about the protection of religious freedom and tolerance.


Putin’s condemnation of the Quran burning incident in Stockholm highlights Russia’s commitment to protecting religious sentiments and maintaining social harmony. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting religious texts and fostering understanding among different religious communities.

Illustrative Photo by Abdulmeilk Aldawsari: https://www.pexels.com/photo/monochrome-photo-of-opened-quran-36704/

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