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HealthSex reassignment surgeries banned in Russia

Sex reassignment surgeries banned in Russia

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The lower house of the Russian parliament – the State Duma – adopted on 14.07.2023 in the third, final reading a bill that would prohibit the performance of sex-change operations, reported Reuters.

The bill prohibits doctors from “performing a medical intervention intended to change human sex” and from prescribing hormone therapy to patients.

An exception is made for cases of congenital anomalies in children, including genetic and endocrine diseases associated with impaired formation of children’s genitals.

Each bill must go through three readings in the lower house of the Russian parliament (the Federal Assembly) before being considered by the upper house, the Federation Council, and then given to Russian President Vladimir Putin for his signature in order to come into force.

The future law would also prohibit changing the gender on official identity documents and would not allow transgender people to adopt children or annul a marriage valid at the time of the gender change.

Photo by RF._.studio: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-doctor-with-stethoscope-preparing-for-surgery-in-hospital-3825586/

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