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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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A new way of detecting natural disasters like tsunamis

Airborne infrasound can improve tsunami warnings and other emergency responses.

Mediterranean diet increased life expectancy by as much as 35%

The Mediterranean diet - Scientists have examined this popular diet at the cellular level and found that its specific components can increase life expectancy by up to 35%

Remains of an ancient Roman watchtower have been discovered in Switzerland

Swiss archaeologists conducting exploratory excavations in the Schaarenwald am Rhein nature reserve earlier this year discovered the location of an ancient Roman watchtower. It was a site surrounded by a moat (possibly additionally reinforced with...

Cells, Immune cells, Septic shock and metastases, finding the culprits

How can cells and Immune cells of the human body respond quickly to physical and chemical changes in their environment?

M87 galaxy with the cosmic digestive system

New observations of the M87 galaxy reveal how a powerful jet forms around a monstrous black hole.

Japan will extract electricity from the Sun

The technology will be tested in 2025. Japan is preparing technology that will allow it to "harvest" electricity from the Sun and send it to Earth. The technology was tested once in 2015, and in...

Romania creates the first ethical council for the control of artificial intelligence

Romania creates a consultative scientific and ethical council in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), reports the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization (MCІD), cited by Romania Іnѕіdеr. The newly created council unites skilled specialists...

The Sumerian King List and Kubaba: The First Queen of the Ancient World

From Cleopatra to Razia Sultan, history is full of powerful women who defied the norms of their time. But have you ever heard of Queen Kubaba? Ruler of Sumer around 2500 BC, she may...

Super-intelligent mushroom that can replace plastic

In the search for fascinating alternatives to plastic, researchers in Finland may have just found a winner – and it's already growing on the bark of trees. The substance in question is a type of...

Higher than Eiffel Tower: India is the only such railway bridge in the world

India has the longest railway bridge in the world and the bridges are quite impressive. About 29 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower, the Chenab Bridge stands 359 meters above the Chenab River in...

A new digital platform could become social network for art

YourArt has ambitions to exhibit and sell works of amateur and professional artists A new digital platform dedicated to art was launched today by the head of the French Publicis group, Maurice Levy, AFP reported. The...

Scientists study sarcophagi from Ancient Egypt with computed tomography

A collaboration between the museum and the clinic could set a precedent for combining the study of historical artifacts with cutting-edge medical technology to better understand the past In a meticulously planned operation that took...

Do we really only use 10 percent of our brains?

One of the favorite topics of many writers and screenwriters of science fiction films is that of the vast possibilities of the human brain. Especially popular is the claim that we use only 10%...

Two trillion tonnes of greenhouse gases, 25 billion nukes of heat, will the Earth get out of the Goldilocks zone?

Life relies on a fine balance between energy in and energy out. But heating the world 1.2℃ with the greenhouse gases, means we’ve trapped an extraordinary amount of extra energy in the Earth system. We...

61% of Americans do not trust AI because it is a threat to the future of humanity

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is causing distrust among a majority of Americans, who believe it poses a potential threat to the future of humanity.

New York is sinking – and the skyscrapers are to blame

New York is sinking, or rather, the city is being drowned by its skyscrapers. That’s the conclusion of a new study that modeled the geology beneath the city by comparing it with satellite...

A second brain? The human body can amaze us

Every birth brings new amazing life into the world and as we age our body grows and develops. There are many unusual facts about the body that you probably do not know. The human...

30,000 new viruses discovered in the DNA of microbes

According to the new study, the DNA from the newly discovered viruses is similar to the DNA of virophages, suggesting that microbes may enjoy some protection from giant viruses thanks to "embedded" viruses residing...

Google is adding AI to its Search to outcompete Microsoft’s Bing

The key takeaway from Google I/O 2023 is the fact that the internet search giant is rolling out a bunch

How Modern Tech Makes Work Easier

There’s no denying that modern tech has massive advantages and benefits in life. Technology can be as simple as a phone app or as complex as automated AI systems. But for work, it can...

Dangers of AI, what specifically did Biden talk about with Microsoft, Google, and other CEOs?

To anticipate the dangers of AI President Joe Biden held a meeting with CEOs of prominent artificial intelligence companies, like Microsoft and Google

Pentagon developing wearable technology to predict different diseases

The U.S. Department of Defense is making investments in wearable technology that has the potential to predict the occurrence of different diseases.

A woman from a Fayum portrait was diagnosed by the image

Scientists have studied a Fayum portrait of a young woman dating back to the 2nd century and stored at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A star is corn: Researchers develop biodegradable mask material made of corn

A biodegradable mask that can comfortably protect its wearer without harming the environment is one step closer to reality, thanks to research at McMaster’s Centre of Excellence in Protective Equipment and Materials (CEPEM). Image credit: Pixabay...

Did the Library of Alexandria really exist?

It is said to be one of the greatest archives of classical knowledge of the ancient world, it housed the books of all times. It was built by the Greek-speaking subjects of the Ptolemaic...
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