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Science&TechnologyAt a Mercedes plant... a humanoid robot hired

At a Mercedes plant… a humanoid robot hired

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Apollo performs physically demanding and routine tasks that one would not want to do

Apptronik, a leader in the field of creating the next generation of humanoid general purpose robots tasked with changing the way we live and work, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Mercedes-Benz. As part of it, Apptronik and Tristar will collaborate to identify applications for highly advanced robotics in manufacturing.

The partnership represents the first publicly announced commercial deployment of the Apollo robot and the first application of humanoid robotics for Mercedes-Benz

The test introduction of Apollo, one of the most advanced commercial humanoid robots in the world, gives Mercedes-Benz the opportunity to explore the potential applications for the use of humanoid robots in logistics. It will test whether Apollo can carry parts to the assembly line where they can be assembled by workers while inspecting the components.

The general idea is to put an emphasis on automating some physical, repetitive and boring tasks for which it is increasingly difficult to find reliable workers.

Apollo is the size of an average man – height of 170 cm, weight 73 kilograms. The robot can lift a weight of 25 kilograms, and one battery pack provides operation for up to 4 hours.

Mercedes-Benz is looking for a way to free specialists from burdensome tasks and concentrate on production until low-skilled labor is replaced.

We are exploring new opportunities with the use of robotics to assist our skilled manufacturing workforce. This is a new frontier and we want to understand the potential of both robotics and automotive manufacturing to fill the workforce gaps in low-skill, repetitive and physically demanding areas and free up our highly skilled assembly line workers.” , commented Jörg Burzer, member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Apollo’s computing power enables leading AI companies to use it for a variety of applications beyond what Apptronik originally envisioned, similar to the concept of the iPhone: easy-to-use, world-class hardware that comes with some pre-built applications and can add applications , developed by third parties.

Photo: Apptronik Apollo

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