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Don‘t forget to move the clocks

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As you know, this year too we will move the clock forward one hour on the morning of March 31. Thus, summer time will continue until the morning of October 27, when we will move it back one hour.

After preliminary discussions three years later, in 2018, the European Commission proposed that the time change be abolished, with member states retaining the right to decide which time zone applies to their territories. Until now, a final decision on the matter has not been made and this idea has been frozen for discussion in the Council of the European Union, because no consensus can be reached on which time should be introduced – summer or winter. There is no prospect of a recent decision on this matter.

After lobbying against summer time by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, in 2018 the European Parliament conducted a survey which showed that a large majority of Europeans supported the abolition of summer time.

In fact, only 4.6 million Europeans took part in the online survey – three million of them Germans, who dominated the abolitionist camp. In Britain, for example, only 13,000 people bothered to vote.

In total, about 80% of survey participants wanted to abolish winter time. The results also show a significant age divide, with people in Europe over 50 opposed to the clock change and people under 24 either in favor of daylight saving time or unconcerned.

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