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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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The EU has banned Russians from coming in private cars

The European Commission has confirmed that entry into EU countries with cars registered in Russia is prohibited. Personal belongings of Russians crossing the border, such as smartphones, jewelry and laptops, are also at risk...

EC ends monitoring for Bulgaria and Romania

The Commission introduced the reports from 2007 and first prepared assessments and recommendations every six months and later annually The European Commission announced on September 15 that it is terminating the cooperation and verification mechanism...

OECD Survey – EU needs a deeper Single Market and to accelerate emissions reduction to growth

The latest OECD survey looks at how European economies are reacting to the negative external shocks as well as the challenges facing Europe moving forward.

Moscow’s deportation of 20,000 Ukrainian children to Russia, says a report filed with the UN

Learn about the deportation of Ukrainian children by Russia and the efforts to bring them home. Read the report by Human Rights Without Frontiers.

Fostering Peace, OSCE Human Rights Boss Stresses Interfaith Dialogue’s Vital Role

WARSAW, August 22nd, 2023 – The beautiful fabric of interfaith and interreligious dialogue is intertwined with the threads of various faith traditions. Each of the religions, large or small, contributes to upholding the right...

“Their fighting spirit has stayed with us”: UN Reflects on 20th Anniversary of Tragic Attack

In Geneva, Switzerland on August 18 2023 the peaceful city again became the center of global compassion and unity as the United Nations observed World Humanitarian Day (August 19th). This annual event commemorates the...

EU Civil Protection Mechanism, Strengthening International Cooperation for Disaster Response

The inception of a Lifeline: Established in October 2001 by the European Commission, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism stands as a beacon of collaborative disaster management. Its primary objective is to fortify ties among European...

The international community is mobilising for the Amhara

In the space of two days, the European Union issued a statement, the United States issued a joint statement with Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and finally the experts of the UN International Commission on Ethiopia issued a statement.

World Bank suspends new loans to Uganda over controversial anti-LGBTQ law

Uganda's anti-homosexuality law is fundamentally at odds with World Bank values, financial institution says The World Bank has said it will suspend new loans to Uganda over a controversial anti-LGBTQ law that has been condemned...

Bridging Time and Justice: The Remarkable Palace of Justice in Brussels

Behold the Palace of Justice in Brussels - a commanding architectural marvel that stands as a testament to authority, a striking symbol of legal power that has captivated both locals and visitors for over...

ICRC President Mirjana Spoljaric asked to reduce civillian suffering

ICRC President, Mirjana Spoljaric, has called on states and parties involved in conflicts to refrain from using powerful explosive weapons in areas with high population density, as it leads to a significant number of...

180 schools in Ukraine have been completely destroyed

Russian forces have completely destroyed 180 schools in Ukraine, and over 1,300 educational institutions have been damaged. This was announced by the Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science Oksen Lisovii, quoted by "Ukrinform". "Today, we...

Women lead marine restoration efforts in the UNESCO Seaflower Biosphere Reserve

Did you know that women represent just 38 per cent of all ocean scientists? A women-led community organisation in the Seaflower UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Caribbean, is working to restore some of the most important marine ecosystems in the world and paving the way for bigger women's representation in ocean science.

States must redouble efforts against intolerance based on religion or belief

religion or belief / Urgent debate on "the alarming rise in premeditated and public acts of religious hatred as manifested by recurrent desecration of the Holy Quran in some European and other countries"

Scientology in Europe Celebrated World Drug Day on June 26

In commemoration of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, European cities held activities to raise awareness about the consequences of drug use. The World Drug Report 2023 revealed alarming statistics, including an 18% increase in drug injection and a 23% rise in global drug use. In response, remarkable prevention initiatives were organized across Europe, including a cyclo-run in the Czech Republic and drug prevention activities in France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, and Austria.

The Council of the EU accepted Bulgaria’s position on essential oils

On the last day of the Swedish presidency of the Council of the EU, the member states, at the level of the Committee of Permanent Representatives - COREPER I, approved a legislative proposal that...

The EC asked to label texts and images when using artificial intelligence

The European Commission has for the first time asked this month companies to offer a label to identify the texts and images generated by artificial intelligence to fight disinformation. The Vice-President of the European Commission,...

Who Was Witold Pilecki? a WWII Hero with a meeting room at the EU Parliament

Witold Pilecki's story is one of courage and sacrifice, and a meeting room of the European Parliament has just been inaugurated with his name, 75 years after being executed by Stalin. President of the...

HRWF calls upon the UN, EU and OSCE for Turkey to stop deportation of 103 Ahmadis

Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF) calls upon the UN, the EU and the OSCE to ask Turkey to annul a deportation order for 103 Ahmadis Today, a Turkish court has released a deportation order concerning...

PACE issues final statement on deinstitutionalization of persons with disabilities

The Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) review on the deinstitutionalisation of persons with disabilities acknowledged in a written comment the Council’s decision-making body, the Committee of Ministers (CM)...

UKRAINE, 110 damaged religious sites inspected and documented by UNESCO

UKRAINE, 110 damaged religious sites inspected and documented by UNESCO - As of 17 May 2023, UNESCO has verified damage to 256 sites since 24 February 2022 – 110 religious sites, 22 museums, 92 buildings of...

Extreme weather caused two million deaths, cost $4 trillion over last 50 years

Over two million deaths and $4.3 trillion in economic losses; that’s the impact of a half-century of extreme weather events turbo-charged

G7 nations should show global leadership and solidarity says Guterres

The world is counting on the leadership and solidarity of the G7 nations, the U.N. chief said Sunday, speaking to journalists in Hiroshima

Elections 2024, President Metsola “Vote. Do not let someone else choose for you”

The Key Issues in the European Parliament Elections 2024 Elections 2024 - The European Parliament Elections 2024 are just around the corner, and it's important to be informed about the issues that will be at...

Italy again protracts the resolution of the Lettori case

Over a month from the deadline given by the European Commission for the payment of settlements to foreign-language lecturers(Lettori) for decades of discriminatory treatment, the Meloni government last Thursday passed a Decree-Law that sets...
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