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FoodA cup of coffee keeps a memory for forty years (Turkish proverb)

A cup of coffee keeps a memory for forty years (Turkish proverb)

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A world-renowned drink and an invaluable element of Turkish hospitality and friendship, Turkish coffee was inscribed in 2013 on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and December 5 was declared World Turkish Coffee Day.

At the end of May, the Municipality of Bursa, for the third time, organized “Night for Coffee Talks”. The organization provided citizens with an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant evening, sipping their coffee in the historical atmosphere of the six-century-old Silk Khan, in the historic center of the city. Mayor Mustafa Bozbey, who attended the coffee talks with his wife Seden Bozbey, said: “Coffee is just a prerequisite for our meeting. What really matters are our heart-to-heart conversations.”

To highlight the importance of Bursa in gastronomic tourism, the municipality organizes various events during the Turkish Cuisine Week, combining the structure of history with the taste of coffee. Renovated this year, the square in front of the Silk Khana, built by Haji Ivaz Pasha in the 15th century, hosted the night. The local residents of Bursa enjoyed listening to the stories of the historical Han area told by tour guides hired by the municipality and won gifts by correctly answering the questions asked among the stories.

Together with Mayor Bozbey and his wife, Deputy Governor Riza Gençoğlu, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Kamil Özer, Head of the Department of External Relations Panar Işkıldız, representatives of civil society organizations and citizens also attended the program.

Today started the sweetest holiday in Turkey. Now is the time for a variety of sweets, all of which are accompanied by small glasses of bitter tu…

“We will embark on a wonderful journey through history,” the mayor noted.

He stated that the historic market and the Han area, which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, were among the first markets of the Ottoman Empire. “This Khan is still an indispensable part of our social life today. In this area where people of different cultures and social lives have talked, shared their problems, read newspapers and played backgammon throughout history, coffee is an irreplaceable symbol.”

He continued: “Coffee is an important part of our culture. Here we share the joy of holidays, engagement ceremonies and happy moments. Tonight, while sipping our coffees, we will preserve our cultural heritage and enjoy pleasant moments accompanied by beautiful conversations, get to know different aspects of coffee culture, rediscover our traditional tastes and embark on a pleasant journey through the story.”

After the speeches, of course, the guests were treated to coffee. Citizens, sipping their coffee in the beautiful atmosphere of the historic inn, spent a leisurely evening in the historic district, chatting and taking photos for keepsakes.

The program continued with a talk “Coffee culture from tradition to the future” and a presentation of different types of coffee by the expert Mehmet Koray Eroglu. In the evening, folk artists gave a concert and residents and guests of Bursa enjoyed pleasant hours accompanied by Turkish coffee.

Illustrative Photo by Samer Daboul: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-tea-cup-on-gray-surface-2102818/

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