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AsiaFirst Vaisakhi Purab in European Parliament: Discussing Sikh Issues in Europe and...

First Vaisakhi Purab in European Parliament: Discussing Sikh Issues in Europe and India

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Issues faced by Sikhs in Europe and in India were discussed while celebrating Vaisakhi Purab in the European Parliament: Binder Singh

Sikh community leader ‘Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib’ could not attend due to administrative reasons, his visit to the European Parliament has been rescheduled for August

New Delhi, April 19 (Manpreet Singh Khalsa) – The European Parliament marked the 325th birth anniversary of the Khalsa, known as ‘Khalsa Sajna Divas,’ on Vaisakhi. The celebration was a significant occasion, focusing on critical issues such as the official recognition of the Sikh religion in Europe, the plight of detained Sikhs, and other sectarian challenges.

Notably absent were key figures Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib, Singh Sahib Giani Raghbir Singh Ji, and Sardar Paramjit Singh Sarna, who were unable to attend due to administrative reasons. They have, however, confirmed their participation in the next scheduled event, alongside SGPC President Advocate Harcharan Singh Dhami Ji.

Sikh Europe 437570036 First Vaisakhi Purab in European Parliament: Discussing Sikh Issues in Europe and India
First Vaisakhi Purab in European Parliament: Discussing Sikh Issues in Europe and India 2

The event saw a distinguished gathering of leaders and influencers. Among those in attendance or saluting the celebration were Othmar Karas, the First Vice President of Europe; Members of Parliament Maxette Pirbacks (who hosted the room in the parliament), Frank Sachwalba Hoth, Hilde Vautmans from VLD, Ivan Arjona-Pelado representing Scientology Europe; and prominent figures from the Sikh community, including UK-based Sikh preacher Bhai Tarsem Singh Khalsa, Bhai Raman Singh, and Gurdwara presidents Bhai Karam Singh of Sintrudan and Bhai Gurbhajan Singh of Liege.

This inaugural celebration in the European Parliament was spearheaded by Bhai Binder Singh, President of the European Sikh Organization. The event garnered praise from European officials, including Vice President Karas, who commended the initiative and pledged to address the concerns of the Sikh community in Europe. The officials also extended an invitation to Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib to participate in future discussions.

Highlighting the cultural significance of the occasion, Vice President Karas and other members of the Parliament were honored with a portrait of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Ji. The event also saw the release of the magazine “Sikhs in Europe,” further underscoring the growing recognition and integration of the Sikh community within the European socio-political landscape.

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