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AsiaEfforts being made to recognize Sikh Community in Europe

Efforts being made to recognize Sikh Community in Europe

Sikh Community in Europe Seeks Recognition Amidst Discrimination Challenges

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Sikh Community in Europe Seeks Recognition Amidst Discrimination Challenges

In the heart of Europe, the Sikh community faces a battle for recognition and against discrimination, a struggle that has caught the attention of both the public and the media. Sardar Binder Singh, the head of the European Sikh Organization, has shed light on the ongoing issues faced by Sikh families living across Europe, highlighting the lack of official recognition for the Sikh faith and the discrimination that follows.

According to Binder Singh, the European Sikh Organization, with the backing of Gurdwara Sintrudan Sahib and the Sangat of Belgium, is actively working towards addressing these challenges. Efforts are underway to bring the matter to the attention of the European Parliament. “We are mobilizing the Sikh population living there and have put up big posters on different buildings,” Singh stated, emphasizing the community’s determination to be heard and recognized.

In a significant move, a delegation comprising respected personalities from the Sikh community will engage with members of the European Parliament on Baisakhi Purab, a key festival for Sikhs celebrated in the Parliament. This discussion aims to bring to light the issues faced by Sikhs in Europe and seek ways to address them.

Adding to the efforts to raise awareness and celebrate Sikh culture, a grand Nagar Kirtan dedicated to Baisakhi Purab is scheduled for April 6. This event, which marks a first in its history, will see flowers being showered on participants from a helicopter, adding a unique and festive element to the procession. Sardar Karam Singh, president of Gurdwara Sintrudan Sahib, has called upon the community to participate in large numbers, showcasing the unity and strength of Sikhs in Europe.

The Sikh community’s push for recognition and against discrimination in Europe is a testament to their resilience and determination. As they prepare to take their concerns to the European Parliament and celebrate their culture with pride, the hope for a future where Sikhism is recognized and respected across Europe grows stronger.

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